I was upgrading my iPhone software, and ended up wiping my iPhone with no backup. It was a blast from the past before sim cards, and iCloud. First thing to do when you have lost all your contacts is to keep breathing. If the incident happens at home or work, keeping a cool head will help. No need to take out your frustrations with your family or co-workers. First, have you backed up your device recently? ForiPhone there are two ways to back up your device on a regular basis and those are via the iCloud and iTunes.

The iCloud is a way to keep everything backed up in a data center. Apple has recently invested 250 million into creating a data center in Oregon just for your data. If you want to backup your pictures, videos, texts, apps, ringtones and contacts to iCloud simply open the settings tab, select iCloud and then select Storage & Backup. This will allow your iPhone to pull data from your phone on a daily basis and store it for you “just in case”. If it happens that you lose all of your data, you will be able to restore your data from the iCloud. The only step is to select “Restore from iCloud Backup” when you go through Setup Assistant with your wiped iPhone. The other option for backup is iTunes.

To backup your iPhone with iTunes, simply sync with iTunes click on your device and select “Back Up”. When you would like to restore your data from the iTunes backup, sync your iPhone to iTunes and select your device. Then select “Restore and Backup”. If you didn’t backup your device, does your phone carrier have a backup assistance program? Verizon has Backup Assistant which is a free program to backup your device, and AT&T has Mobile Backup which costs $1.99 per month to backup your data. Find out if you have signed up for a backup program via your service provider. If you do not have a backup of your iPhone try to remain positive and look into other forms of media to get your contacts back. Facebook, Linked-In, Google Plus, and your best friends phone are great places to start getting your phone numbers back. Facebook even lists mobile numbers of their members who allow it.

Think of your phone as a new beginning. It’s day three of me building back my network. My contacts list is around 30 from a prior 200+. I am interested to see how my network will grow and change from my address book in the past. A fresh start is pretty nice actually.