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Whether they are referred to as used, refurbished or pre-owned, we understand that buying a previously owned Macintosh can be a little more uncertain than buying a brand new one. While we bring decades of experience to the equation (becoming the largest and most pre-eminent used Mac reseller in the country during that time), we know you would like assurances about the particular model you may be considering.Accordingly, we’ve assembled this FAQ that covers the most common questions we hear. Note that our Mac Experts will be happy to answer all of your questions on the phone, via chat, or via email any time as well.

What is your warranty on used Macs?

Each used Mac comes with a 120-day warranty, plus these additional benefits:

First, if it arrives and isn’t working as it should (“DOA” is defined as within 72 hours of reciept), we’ll send you a return shipping label and replace it at our expense (some conditions may apply). Second, if at any time during the first 60 days after the purchase of a pre-owned Mac you wish to send it back for any reason, we’ll credit you the current sale price for the item toward the purchase of anything else we sell (less a $50 deductible. Limit one exchange per customer). Note that warranty covers repair and return only after the DOA period. Replacement within 60 days is only guaranteed with the $50 deductible.

We also offer extended warranty packages which increase the warranty on your used Mac to either six months or one year!

Why don’t you include an OS disc with your Used Macs?

The reason is a combination of our not getting them on a certain percentage of the Macs we obtain, as well as the fact that not everyone needs them. Accordingly, when we do get them, we pull them out and put them in inventory with a nominal cost. So if you want or need OS CD’s with your used Mac, just ask one of our Macintosh specialists what the cost is for the specific OS you’d like.

What does “OS” mean and which one do I get with my Used Mac?

OS is an acronym for Operating System. All of our used Macs come pre-loaded with the OS listed in the description, which is generally the OS the computer shipped with when new, upgraded to the fullest extent allowed by Apple.

What comes with your refurbished Macs?

Well, every used Mac certainly comes with a great deal of PowerMax love showered upon it. Otherwise, as mentioned above, no OS CDs are automatically included. With the advent of the Internet, manuals have become a thing of the past as well. So generally you get what’s listed in the description, including a mouse on desktop systems. We do list whether desktop Macs have a keyboard or not, so if you don’t have one and it says “no keyboard,” we’ll be happy to add one to the package. Other than the OS, there is not much in the way of other software on the drive when you receive it.

What condition can I expect a used Mac to be in?

Of course the answer to that will vary, but rest assured that we only sell used Macs that we can refurbish to acceptable standards. We run complete diagnostics, replace questionable components, erase and zero the hard drives to Department of Defense Standards, and clean them as thoroughly as possible. Obviously the older the model, the more wear and tear that will generally be evident, and we try to make notes when a larger than average blemish is on the unit relative to its age, or if there are other issues that are out of the ordinary. We might also add that despite having been at this as long as we have, we’re constantly amazed at how well Macs hold up during use, one of the things that makes Macintosh such a great value!

How do older Macs compare to current models as far as speed and performance?

If you’re not sure whether a Mac is “fast enough” or compatible with whatever you want to do, just give one of our Mac experts a call. Frankly, there is always a lot of expert marketing hype on the latest Macs, but we’ll cut through that and guide you to the best Mac for your needs and your budget. Since we have the largest variety of used Macs you’ll find anywhere plus the very latest new models, we’re in a unique position to provide you customized advice. If you’re trying to create a Hollywood movie using an old iMac, we’ll probably talk you out of it. If you’re buying a Mac Pro to do mostly email, we’ll probably talk you out of that too. Since we sell both new and used, all we’re concerned about is getting you into the computer that will do what you want.

What battery ships with your used laptops?

Used laptops are sold with used batteries, but ones that we’ve tested to hold a charge during normal use for roughly 2-3 hours. However, it’s very important to note that performance and longevity of batteries will vary significantly depending on the age of the computer utself as well as what you have the computer doing, and cannot be determined or predicted solely by looking at charging cycles. We do recommend that you consider purchasing a new battery as a back-up if you’re going to be using the laptop for extended periods without being plugged in. With laptops that have built-in batteries, since we’re an Apple Authorized service center, if those batteries need replacing, we’ll do that before we finish refurbishing it.

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