The Unveiling Of The Machine Learning Research Site Is The Next Biggest Thing For Apple

Apple has unveiled a blog that will facilitate the sharing of the providers findings as well as promote machine learning research papers. At the moment, the Apple Machine Learning Journal is somehow empty. The provider just shared only one post and it was about transforming synthetic images into the realistic ones in a bid to train neural networks.

A lot of people have termed the new move an interesting one. This is in close consideration of the fact that Apple is not known for revealing much about its research project. The giant company has made major contributions as well as unveiled some crucial open source projects.

One of them is the Webkit which happens to be a browser engine behind safari. Swift is the other one and it happens to be Apple’s latest programming language for iOS, watchOS, macOS and and tvOS. However, it is critical to point to the fact that the blog with research papers on artificial intelligence project is a completely new thing for Apple.

While recently addressing some news reporters, one of the top executives working with the company said, “Apple has had to train its neural network to detect faces and other objects on photos. But instead of putting together huge libraries with hundreds of millions of sample photos to train this neural network, Apple has created synthetic images of computer-generated characters and applied a filter to make those synthetic images look real. It was cheaper and faster to train the neural network.”

A number of people sometime back criticized Apple in line with its facet of machine learning. They had gone ahead to outline that top providers such as Amazon and Google indicated more competence. Of course the company has been rather quiet for quite some time. It is also crucial to outline that some of the consumer products such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s assistant happen to be a lot much better than Apple’s Siri according to Techcrunch.

But it would be wrong to dismiss the great job that Apple has been doing. The provider’s augmented reality with ARkit is just one of a kind among many other good things.

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