If you have an older ProScope (original/Scalar M2, ProScope HR or HR2) we have a tradeup option to keep you and your valuable ProScope lenses working for years to come. Trade in your base (handle without lens) and trade up to a newer model and use the same lenses you’ve been using.


How it Works

From the Scalar M2 to the latest ProScope Mobile, for iPad, all ProScope lenses work on each model, so in the tradeup process, you would keep your lens(es) and use them on the ProScope base model, you are trading up to.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a tradeup.


Trade inForYour costYou save
Scalar M2 (AKA the Original ProScope)ProScope HR$100$70
ProScope HRProScope HR2$140$100
Scalar M2 (AKA the Original ProScope)ProScope HR2$190$50
ProScope HR2ProScope Mobile (WiFi model)$200$90
ProScope HRProScope Mobile (WiFi model)$225$65
Scalar M2 (AKA the Original ProScopeProScope Mobile (WiFi model)$265$25