Top Analyst Predicts That Apple Glasses Might Soon Outshine The iPhone

Loup Ventures’ Gene Munster, who happens to be a highly regarded Apple watcher has moved ahead to outline his strongly held perspective. This has been in regards to the expected market shift in the near future where he has expressed that Apple Glasses might eventually cut into iPhone sales. He in fact went ahead to make an estimate citing 2020 as the exact moment of transformation.

In a recently published blog post, Munster affirmed that iPhone growth will peak in 2019.He went ahead to predict that the gadget would steadily decline in sales following the much anticipated unveiling of the Apple Glasses.

While recently addressing news reporters he said, “We expect iPhone revenue to grow at 15 percent in FY18 (essential the next iPhone cycle) and account for 64 percent of revenue. We believe tough comps after the next iPhone cycle will have a negative impact on iPhone growth in FY19, and in FY20 we believe Apple Glasses will start to impact iPhone sales.”

A large number of consumers are looking forward to witnessing the Apple wearables display images within the viewer’s field of vision. They also hope that they will employ augmented reality (AR) in a significant way.

To put it exactly as it is, Apple hasn’t yet made any official announcement in line with the expected Glasses launch. But as anyone would have expected, the rumors are definitely swirling, making rounds to all corners of the world.

According to Bizjournals, Apple is currently making contacts with suppliers in regards to the glasses. Some people familiar with the matter have said the the renowned company has at the moment ordered near-eye displays from one of the top suppliers with the motive of carrying out its own tests.

The Cupertino-based provider according to reports hasn’t yet ordered enough components for mass-production. Munster has in the recent past been reiterating that there is no doubt that the Apple Glasses will be the next big thing from Apple. Wearables according to some top executives will bear a wide array of features that will excite users.

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