Tim Cook Expresses Optimism That China Might Allow VPNs Return To The App Store

Apple has made a statement indicating the great confidence it has over the reinstatement of the various popular apps that were earlier pulled out of its China App Store. It was compelled to pull out some of the messaging apps as a show of compliance to a series of the cyber regulations. The virtual private network services were found to be quite useful by the various users who succeeded in bypassing China’s firewall.

Several rights groups have given their response lashing out to the tech giant for its act of showing weakness by bowing down to pressure emanating from the government. Apple’s chief executive officer Tim Cook recently spoke at the Fortune Forum conducted in China where elaborately spoke about his strong belief in the freedom of expression.

He opined, “What we always try to do is find the areas where you can work together, find the areas of commonality and in the things that you disagree with, take time to understand how somebody sees it, and if I’m going to get criticised for that then so be it.”

The executive remains optimistic that all those things that were removed will in the course of time be pulled back. The statements he has been dropping from time to time have quite much to unpack for anyone good at reading in between the lines.

It is important to consider a number of points when it comes to focusing on this matter. This company did not just pull out a few things from the reach of the China-based users. On the contrary, it actually pulled out a couple of hundreds and this is even in itself undercounting.

The ascension of President Xi Jinping to power in China has changed a lot of things in the country. This country has succeeded at advancing its internet censorship to rather unprecedented levels and this is a major step forward in terms of promoting businesses.

A careful assessment of Cook’s statement that there is really nothing that changes from the sidelines makes it rather difficult to imagine the country relaxing its stance in line with web censorship. That is considering quite a large number of things that have been happening.

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