Survey Indicates That Demand For iPhone X Is Lower Than Projected Earlier

Reports have come up indicating that iPhone 8 sales have been somewhat slow lately. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) in the course of this week released data showing that Apple’s iPhone 8 models are selling about as well as an ‘S’ release. It shouldn’t hit anyone by surprise considering that the unveiling of the iPhone X is just around the corner and that the iPhone 8 is fundamentally an ‘S’ level upgrade.

At the same time a number of analysts have expressed their willingness to forgive lukewarm iPhone 8 sales and the prevailing assumption has been that the iPhone X demand might just baffle the world. Ming-Chi Kuo, a reputed analyst remains optimistic that the iPhone X might help Apple generate higher revenues from the sale of iPhones in 2018 than ever before. But it is crucial to point out that there are a few analysts who are to this moment convinced that the iPhone X sales will be record setting.

Bernstein recently conducted a survey and its findings provided that the demand for the iPhone X would be enormous, but not mind blowing as a lot of people would have anticipated. According to the report, the excitement surrounding the product appears to be much higher than the purchase intent.

It is rather difficult to read from the quite much from the statistics without first and foremost getting top understand what similar surveys from Bernstein have brought forward in the past. The interesting bit is the fact that this isn’t the first report that has called into question just how large the iPhone X upgrade cycle might turn out to be.

Sherri Scribner, a Deutsche Bank analyst in the course of this month went ahead to say that the optimism associated with the iPhone wasn’t at all grounded reality.

He opined, “We remain wary that investor expectations for the iPhone 8/X cycle are more optimistic than realistic. Expectations are pricing in more than Apple can chew.”

The best part about the whole matter is the fact that customers won’t have to wait too long to find out how iPhone X demand pans out.

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