Saving up for a New Mac? Check out PowerMax Refurbished Apple Computers

Apple Refurbished PowerMax

Many have experienced ardently wanting to buy an Apple computer, but their budget just won’t allow it to happen. So they repeatedly check to see if the price has gone down enough until they can finally afford it. These games can eventually get tiring. Sometimes months go by before the price budges at all. Sometimes there are no deals on the item until the next model comes out and by then, you might have your eye on the new model that might be even more expensive. Fortunately, PowerMax offers Refurbished computers that are fast, stable and are significantly less expensive than new models.

What are PowerMax Refurbished Apple computers?

PowerMax Refurbished Apple computers are units that have been pre-owned and acquired by PowerMax. These machines are tested to see if everything is in working order and any major non-functioning parts are replaced with new ones. The computer is then retested for quality assurance, cleaned and repackaged.

You mean refurbished Apple computers are used?

Yes, they are, but unlike your average “used” computer, these Apple computers are inspected, cleaned and thoroughly tested. Used Macs available at other vendors or private party sellers have not gone through the same testing or refurbishing process as PowerMax Refurbished Macs. You take your chances with a used Mac if it isn’t backed by a warranty like the one PowerMax offers.

Additionally, any cosmetic damage or non-working components are noted. The price is then adjusted accordingly.

Are refurbished Apple computers safe to buy?

PowerMax stands behind their Refurbished Apple computers 100%. If the process detailed above was not enough to set your mind at ease, in addition to the industry-best 120-day warranty on every Refurbished Mac, there is also an extended warranty available for up to one year in coverage. And if your PowerMax Refurbished arrives non-functional (Dead On Arrival) within the 30 days, we’ll credit you the current sale price for the item toward the purchase of anything else we sell.

How much can I save if I buy refurbished Apple computers?

You can save a considerable amount of money when purchasing a Refurbished Apple Computer from PowerMax. The exact amount will depend on the computer’s configuration, the original manufacturing date, what upgrades it may have undergone and what condition it is in.

For newer models (released a few months up to two years ago), you can probably save $100 or more, but for older models, savings can go all the way up to or over $600.

PowerMax is constantly researching the web and adjusting prices accordingly. We want to make sure our Refurbished Macs are competitive with all the other resellers out there. You can be confident you’re getting the best deal from PowerMax.

Also, keep in mind that you can choose from a variety of configurations of the same model year. For instance, the 2009 24-inch iMac is available with a variety of different processor speeds, hard drive storage storage sizes and and RAM capacities.

Getting these kinds of upgrades for a brand new Apple computer can easily cost you several hundreds of dollars, so it’s practically a steal. PowerMax Refurbished Apple computers that come with upgrades sell faster than base models, though, so you have to keep an eye out for them. Our inventory is constantly changing.

Where can I buy refurbished Apple computers?

Although there are a multitude of sources selling refurbished Macs, only one gives you the best quality, selection and warranty. And that’s PowerMax. Plus, when you call one of their Mac Experts, they can help you choose the perfect model for your specific needs and budget.

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