The Recently Unveiled $29 Apple Pencil Case Only Has The Capacity To Hold One Pen, Sources Indicate

Shortly after the Apple’s annual developers’ conference which according to sources was held in California on Monday, it is said the “Apple Pencil Case” was quietly unveiled; news that have sparked mixed reactions among the concerned parties. Most of them wonder why they had to be kept in the dark and in days to come there will probably be much going on in a bid to try and clear the air surrounding the matter.

As a matter of fact, “Apple Pencil Case” has been designed in such a way that it is able to guard the $99 stylus which accompanies the iPad Pro. The case can be found in a wide array of colors including black, taupe, midnight blue and brown.

The reality of the matter is that it doesn’t directly fit into any of Apple’s current range of iPad Pro cases, which are made up of their own built-in holder for the stylus. Bringing into close perspective that it can only hold one of Apple’s pencils points to the fact that there are quite high chances that anyone may misplace it.

The company is excited following the recent advancement and has termed it an unusual one in line with the various products that it has unveiled over the years. The iPhone giant has gone through so much to reach where it stands today. In an effort to rise to the top to become the industry leader it is at the moment, it tried out a wide array of strategies. Quite a large number of them appeared like building castles in the sand.

However, most of its workers and customers as well can now look back with great pride at the major steps the top provider has made. In a recent board meeting , the chief financial officer had moved ahead to outline that this was not the last great move they were making .He revealed that there are a number of strategies which will of course help the company satisfy its wide customer base.

Much remains to be seen, but at the moment one thing that is quite evident is that the provider is making steps towards the right direction.

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