Qualcomm-Apple Dispute May Opt For Out Of Court Resolution And Mediation

By the beginning of the year Apple and Qualcomm has openly expressed the roots of its disputes. There has been a number of legal proceeding resulting into legal battles between this two big firms. Through the Fortune, Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf that there is a possibility of settling their disputes of court. Mollenkopf said was quoted saying “There is not really anything new going on… those things tent to get to be resolves out of court and there is no reason why I wouldn’t expect that to be the case here” From the look of things, many business legal analysts have given their honest opinion that the source of this dispute is not small thing.

The Root of the Battle between These Two Business Giants

The fight is said to have started between Apple and Qualcomm in January after FTC brought up complains alleging that Qualcomm had been engaging in anticompetitive patent licensing practices. According to different credible sources Apple was not pleased by the actions taken by Qualcomm and it sued it for $1 billion a few days afterwards claiming that defendant had charged unfair royalties for those technologies that they don’t have any right over far from refusing to pay the rebates expected from them. This was the source of this big dispute.

On the other hand, according to Apple, Qualcomm responded by countersuing it with the allegations that Apple had breached the licensing agreement, making and fabricating false statements and encouraging regulatory attacks against Qualcomm. This move is said to have angered Apple which later stopped making royalty payments to Qualcomm until when the court will be in a position to resolve the matter.

Qualcomm-Apple Countersue and Separate Law Suits

It is also expressed in different sources that in late June, Apple filed an extra lawsuit against Qualcomm and in response Qualcomm filed a separate patent lawsuit against Apple hence calling on the International Trade Commission to bar imports of some of the iPhones and iPad models. According to legal analysts, this battle may not end anytime soon if the two parties are not ready to settle such an entangled matter outside the courts. It is also an uphill task for the mediators if these issues are settled outside the court.

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