Products that get the job done for Creatives

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Products that get the job done for creative.

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Who are Creatives?

The creative world encapsulates a wide variety of mediums: photography, sculpture, writing, architecture, movies, music and many more. Creatives design video games, fashion, furniture, websites, workspaces and the vehicles we drive.

Apple computers have long been a choice of creative professionals. Almost from the beginning, Apple designers worked to inspire with sleek, modern hardware and a user-friendly interface to capture the interest of those who enjoy the unique and original.

That attention to detail remains a hallmark of Apple’s love of the creative and creators, an inspiration that PowerMax shares.

As with any medium, the software that helps us create often requires a tool to function. In the case of computers, the software’s system requirements are an essential tool to define the hardware we will use.

No longer do movie edits end up on the cutting room floor. Instead, many movie editors create within software.

Few computers were designed to handle professional video editing as well as the Mac Pro. This uniquely shaped, cylindrical chassis mac has the ability to run up to three 4K displays, up to 128GB RAM and as much as 6GB dedicated VRAM for the video cards. A single fan cools the powerful multi-core processor. The Mac Pro is Apple’s most muscular computer. Even Pixar creates its magic with a Mac Pro and Final Cut.

The 27-inch iMac, with its massive 5k display and Quad Core i7 processor is also a go-to for moviemakers with heavy video rendering in mind. They include up to 4GB VRAM, 64GB RAM and multiple storage options. And if you want to take your movie production along for the ride, a maxed out, brand new 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina is a great option. The revolutionary new Touch Bar provides great strides in productivity and edits can be made on the fly with the Intel Quad-Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM and as much as 4GB VRAM available onboard.


Photography is as much about the technical aspects of lighting, depth-of-field and contrast, as it is about the subject matter and artistic medium. The type of computer that works best with photography software depends on the software. With the ever-increasing size of RAW files and multi-layered photo files, VRAM is becoming more and more essential. Similar to video, the 27-inch iMac and 15-inch MacBook Pro offer dedicated video cards.

Audio Production

Audio production is as much about the correct hardware and software as it is about the sound. Apple has been in the studio since the beginning of digital audio workstations. Whether you are working with Garageband, Protools, Logic Pro, Ableton or one of the many other choices, making sure your hardware meets the requirements of your software is essential. Be sure to check those requirements carefully when choosing your new Mac.

The question of portability versus editing on a desktop will be based on preference, however, for best performance, you’ll need a good processor in conjunction with as much RAM as you can afford. Hard drives also affect efficiency. You want to be sure to have enough capacity; 500GB or better is recommended. Fusion drives have not always worked well with audio software (ProTools in particular), so we don’t recommend employing one. However, flash-based drives, (i.e. solid state drives) are the best choice. The 7200 SATA drive is also an adequate, lower cost option.

Macs support multiple displays and many audio engineers prefer to utilize more than one display to spread the tools and tracks across a larger field. Macs also have audio-in jacks, Thunderbolt ports and USB 3.0 connections to support your gear. Apple computers are made for such connections like speakers, mixers and other audio interfaces.


The word design encompasses an amazing variety of facets and Macs are built to seamlessly interface with such entities. If your world includes web design, architecture, industrial design, graphics and dimensional modeling, the Apple computer has you covered.

Apple has been historically popular with designers – digital typography was first available on a Mac. From AutoCAD, to jewelry design and everything involved in creating a video game, design has played a part.

The software and system requirements you need are the first steps in making sure you have the tools needed to begin creating your masterpiece. Since many applications are memory-intense, we always recommend acquiring a Mac with the most RAM it can handle. And in addition to an Apple computer, peripherals like tablets, displays, and pens are excellent compliments to your system. If mobility is more your style, the iPad Pro and in conjunction with the Apple Pencil is a killer option. And software such as iLife ensures that movies, design, art and music creation are easier than ever.

Creatively minded people are welcome to contact PowerMax for helpful information and advice at 888-769-7629.


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