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Wireless Microphones

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Pyle Wireless Professional UHF Dual Channel Microphone System With 2 Microphones and Adjustable frequency / Mfr. No.: Pdwm3300
This wireless mic system was designed with the professional in mind. Comes with two (2) wireless UHF mics on frequencies between 614 and 698 MHz. On the base unit, two receiver antennas provide a maximum-quality and performance link for microphones within range. Dual volume controls provide independ… [More]
Vendor: Pyle - Pro Sound
Vendor Number: PDWM3300
SMK-Link GoSpeak Pro with Wireless Microphone / Mfr. No.: Vp3420
Breakthrough flat panel Surface Sound speaker technology from NXT makes clear and rich omni-directional stereo sound possible in such a small package. Add sound effects and music to your presentation by connecting your computer or other auxiliary audio system. There is no complicated set-up, just pl… [More]
Vendor: Smk-Link
Vendor Number: VP3420
Pyle Wireless and Portable 500 Watt PA Speaker Sound System with 30-Pin iPod/iPhone Dock / Includes Wireless Handheld Microphone / Mfr. No.: Pwma860i
The Pyle PWMA860I Wireless and Portable PA Speaker Sound System is perfect for any social gathering or crowd control situation. Gain convenient access to powerful audio output, the freedom of wireless mobility and move around with ease. Built-in 30-pin iPod dock allows you to connect your compatible… [More]
Vendor: Pyle - Pro Sound
Vendor Number: PWMA860I
Pyle Pro Dual VHF Wireless Microphone System / Mfr. No.: Pdwm2500
The Pyle Pro PDWM2500 Dual VHF Wireless Microphone System includes two microphones, batteries and a 0.25" output cable. Complete with channel signal indicators and AF level meters, this Dual Wireless Microphone System provides you with everything you need in an wireless microphone system. With… [More]
Vendor: Pyle - Pro Sound
Vendor Number: PDWM2500
Sony 900mhz Wireless Lapel Mic For Camcorder / Mfr. No.: WCS999
Sony's WCS-999 Wireless Microphone System is for use with video camcorders and portable audio recorders. The system features a transmission range up to 150 feet, depending on conditions, and a 900 MHz FM transmission for high-quality sound. [More]
Vendor: Sony - Photo Video
Vendor Number: WCS999
Pyle Wireless Microphone Single Channel System / Mfr. No.: Pdwm-100
The Pyle Pro Microphone Dual Function Wireless Microphone System includes a 12' XLR to 0.25" microphone cable and a 4' 0.125" to 0.25" audio cable. With a detachable microphone antenna and an operation range of 45' to 90', this Pyle Microphone System can also be used a… [More]
Vendor: Pyle - Pro Sound
Vendor Number: PDWM100
Pyle Professional Dual Table Top VHF Wireless Microphone System / Mfr. No.: Pdwm2150
Experience the Freedom of Wireless Microphones, Now Easier than Ever The Pyle PDWM2150 is a wireless microphone system featuring a rack mountable VHF base unit and includes two wireless tabletop microphones. This unit comes with two wireless tabletop microphones which are great for professional… [More]
Vendor: Pyle - Pro Sound
Vendor Number: PDWM2150
Pyle Pro Rechargable Wireless Microphone System / Mfr. No.: Pdwm3000
PDWM3000 Dual VHF Rechargeable Wireless Microphone System is an innovative Receiver/Charger Base stand enable you place the Mic right in the receiver to charge. Appealing VFD screen display design Added audio Mute circuitry in receiver elimates transmitter on/off pop noise & secure connected rea… [More]
Vendor: Pyle - Pro Sound
Vendor Number: PDWM3000
Gospeak Pro Wireless Microphone 65ft Wireless Range With Vp3520 / Mfr. No.: Vp3521
The GoSpeak! Wireless Handheld Microphone is an optional accessory for the GoSpeak! Pro with Wireless Lapel Microphone (model VP3420), or as a replacement microphone for the GoSpeak! Pro with Wireless Handheld Microphone (model VP3520). It is not supported by, nor will it work with the speaker-only… [More]
Vendor: Smk-Link
Vendor Number: VP3521
Pyle Pro 4-Microphone VHF Wireless System / Mfr. No.: Pdwm4300
Sing like a professional with the Pyle Pro PDWM4300 4-Microphone VHF Wireless Microphone System. The Pyle Pro Wireless Microphone System features a professional VHF wireless system and two handheld microphones. It also has a power on/standby/off switch, RF indicators and AF level meters. You can adj… [More]
Vendor: Pyle - Pro Sound
Vendor Number: PDWM4300
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