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Plustek OpticBook 3900 Scanner for Mac / Mfr. No.: 783064356435
The Plustek OpticBook 3900 Scanner for Macintosh and Windows Computers features a unique scanner design that eliminates spine shadows and easy to use software that simplifies the book scanning process. Using Plustek's patent-pending Shadow Elimination Element (SEE™) Technology, the OpticBo… [More]
Vendor: Plustek
Vendor Number: 783064356435
Plustek Escan A150 Document Scanner / Mfr. No.: 783064636704
Plustek's eScan A150 allows end users to instantly power up the device for fast scanning, without the need of a PC. Its built-in 7" LCD touch screen is intuitive and offers a quick way to review or even crop targeted images, before delivering the final digitally captured data. People can se… [More]
Vendor: Plustek
Vendor Number: 783064636704
Plustek OPTICPRO A320 12
Plustek OpticPro A320 is USB 2.0 scanning device that can scan an A3 size document with high quality resolution in just 9.6 seconds. Plustek OpticPro A320 is an easy to use with its seven one-touch function buttons. It bundles highly effective image processing and document management software, and a… [More]
Vendor: Plustek
Vendor Number: 261-BBM21-C
Plustek Opticfilm 8100 Film Scanner / Mfr. No.: 783064365321
Plustek OpticFilm 8100 is a dedicated and versatile film scanner with 7200 dpi optical resolution. Its light sources give images more precise color rendering with less power consumption. Two one-touch buttons make scanning easier and more efficient for sharing on websites such as Flickr, Facebook, P… [More]
Vendor: Plustek
Vendor Number: 783064365321
Plustek OpticFilm 8200i Ai Film Scanner / Mfr. No.: 783064365338
Plustek OpticFilm 8200i Ai is a powerful scanner with 7200 dpi resolution. Its sharp optical system produces excellent detail in shadow areas and remarkable tonal range. A built-in infrared channel helps users remove dust and scratches on the original negatives and slides without additional post-pro… [More]
Vendor: Plustek
Vendor Number: 783064365338
Plustek SmartOffice PS4080U Departmental Scanner / Mfr. No.: 783064426305
The Plustek SmartOffice PS4080U is a departmental-class document scanner capable of simplex and duplex scanning. With a built-in auto-document feeder, it is extremely efficient in performing duplex scans of a stack of double-sided documents. In simplex scan mode, the PS4080U can scan up to 40 pages… [More]
Vendor: Plustek
Vendor Number: 783064426305
Plustek OpticBook A300 Large Format 12x17 Flatbed Book Scanner / Mfr. No.: 271-Bbm21-C
OpticBook A300 Flatbed Scanner has become a growing trend globally, especially in an age, where sharing information and making it more accessible to people is an important issue. OpticBook A300 was created based on the concept of book preservation, digitization of content and sharing of the book. Op… [More]
Vendor: Plustek
Vendor Number: 271-BBM21-C
Plustek SmartOffice PS283 Sheetfed Scanner / Mfr. No.: 783064425186
Scan your documents quickly and cost effectively The Plustek 25 ppm SmartOffice PS283 offers you a flexible and productive way to scan and manage all of your paper based information. From business cards to legal size documents, they all can be scanned and saved as a searchable PDF at the touch of a… [More]
Vendor: Plustek
Vendor Number: 783064425186
Plustek Mobileoffice S601 ID and Card Scanner / Mfr. No.: 783064606356
The Plustek MobileOffice S601 is a small, commercial duty, USB powered ID and card scanner. It scans drivers’ licenses, insurance cards, social security cards, membership cards as well as embossed cards such as credit and healthcare benefit account cards. Any card, receipt or document as small… [More]
Vendor: Plustek
Vendor Number: 783064606356
Plustek MobileOffice S410 Sheetfed Scanner / Mfr. No.: 783064285391
Designed with the reliability demanded by business users, and a price point attractive to home users, the USB powered MobileOffice S410 scanner and document management solution will convert paper documents, rigid embossed cards, expense reports, business cards and more to searchable PDF with the tou… [More]
Vendor: Plustek
Vendor Number: 783064285391
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