SMK-Link iCalc Bluetooth Calculator Keypad


  • Cosmetically matches Apple Magic Keyboard
  • Magnetically aligns with Apple Magic Keyboard
  • Works with laptop and desktop PCs
  • Bluetooth wireless connection
  • User-friendly 10-key calculator
  • Electronic tape uploads to spreadsheets
  • Windows & OS X compatible

SMK-Link’s new iCalc Bluetooth Calculator Keypad is a wireless keypad and calculator peripheral created to magnetically align with Apple’s Wireless Keyboard, or to act as a stand-alone keypad/calculator of Apple MacBooks, iMacs and PC-Windows laptops. Connecting via Bluetooth wireless, the iCalc has a wireless range of up to 33ft and offers advance numeric data entry for spreadsheet, accounting, engineering and other number-intensive applications.

Weight 0.7 lbs


Manufacturer Part Number