MOTA Transparent LED Flashing Case for iPhone 6 Plus – Silver (MT-I6PLED-SV)


With bump frames available in four different colors, the MOTA LED Flashing Case for iPhone 6 seemingly looks like a transparent protective shell for your device. The case, however, leverages your device's Flash for Alerts feature, illuminating the case every time you receive a notification. So now whenever you receive anything that would normally trigger an alert – call, email, text – your phone will light up. Using only a small amount of your phone's battery life, the case allows you to continue using your device with minimal impact. In order to get the most from the case, you must enable the LED for Alerts feature within the iPhone's settings.NEVER MISS A SILENT ALERT AGAIN Tired of missing that latest message because you've silenced your phone? The MOTA LED Flashing Case for iPhone 6 will help you stay up-to-speed. The case supercharges your device's LED flash notification, illuminating several sides of the case, visually alerting you of an incoming notification. So now whether you're in class, in a meeting or at work, you won't miss the latest message. FINDING YOUR PHONE IS NOW EASIERPanicked because you misplaced your silenced phone in your car, purse or room? The MOTA LED Flashing Case for iPhone 6 eliminates that worry. Simply call or text your phone and your case will illuminate in the dark, letting you know of its whereabouts. SLENDER FIT Requiring no additional battery, the MOTA LED Flashing Case for iPhone 6 snugly encompasses your device, protecting it without the necessary bulk. Constructed with durable and high quality material, the case prolongs the iPhone's flawless condition, shielding it from dirt, drops and scratches. With its sleek texture, the case makes it easier for you to slip your phone into your pocket without hassle.

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