Moshi TeraGlove Cleaning Cloth


TeraGlove is the ideal screen cleaning cloth. Made with our own blend of Terahedron™ microfiber, TeraGlove is designed to help you remove dust, dirt, stains, and smears from any display or touch screen. TeraGlove’s unique design allows it to be turned inside-out to reveal a grey suede-like inner layer meant for wiping away dust particles and water left on the screen. An eco-friendly design means no chemicals or chemical treatments are used in the cleaning solution or cloth. Best of all, you can toss the cloth in with your laundry to clean and use it again.


  • Terahedron™ microfiber perfect for removing fingerprint smears and dust.
  • Microfiber will not scratch your screen and does not require any potentially harmful solvents.
  • Free of chemical treatments and is machine washable.
  • Eco-friendly. No consumables.


Dimensions: 4.3″ x 4.3″ x 0.2″ (11 x 11 x 0.5 cm)
Color: Black / Gray
Compatibility: All flat panel screens, tablets and smartphones

Weight 0.22 lbs
Manufacturer Part Number



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