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USB powered Hannustmasgiving Lights

USB powered Hannustmasgiving Lights
Qty. Available: 10+
Item Number: min-mk30114
Vendor Number: MK-301-14
Vendor: Minki Technology Co.
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The story of the Hannustmasgiving Lights

Once upon a time a company named PowerMax discovered a Sasquatch. After a period of adjustment, the newly-named Max became the mascot of the company.

Now Max was a curious sort. He was always rummaging around the warehouse, checking out the products, catching mice (he loves mice and peanut butter sandwiches) and generally making a nuisance of himself.

He was gradually taught to speak English, for which the PowerMax workers sometimes regretted because most of his conversation became a series of questions. "What's this?" "Why do you do that?" "How come this person is running away from me?"

But the wonderful thing about questions is that they force the answerer to think of the answer. And sometimes those answers are, "Just because we do" when they can think of no other reason for what it is we do.

The first holiday season gave Max lots of fodder for a ton of questions. He saw more products. He saw some seasonal employees (who were often terrified the first time they met the seven-foot galoot). He asked why we were so busy. He asked about all the new lights on the houses.

We explained to him the concept of Christmas and Hanukkah as well as Thanksgiving and Black Friday (not being conversant about accounting, he still has never quite understood why we call it "black"). Being exposed to TV and the occasional trip to the mall (which always creates some hilarity due to the many panicked shoppers), he asked why so many people buy so many gifts, and why it all starts so early.

We tried to explain that these are generally one-day holidays (except for Hanukkah, which is an eight day festival), celebrating very special events such as the birth of Christ and thanks for the harvest. He just couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that these one-day holidays were being celebrated for a good two months. He also couldn't understand why their traditions seemed to be more about buying and giving gifts (or in the case of Thanksgiving, stuffing oneself to the gills... although he does appreciate the concept because he'd do that non-stop if we let him) than simply appreciating the holidays themselves and what they stand for.

Christmas, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving. He was confused. He thought human beings were all supposed to act pretty much the same way. Just as we think all Sasquatches must look alike, he viewed us as creatures that all looked and acted alike, and so he couldn't understand why only some of us would celebrate certain holidays.

One day he was sitting in a corner, munching on a peanut butter and Twinkie sandwich (we don't often find mice in the warehouse anymore), and he suddenly broke out into a big grin. You ain't seen nuthin' until you've seen a Sasquatch grin.

Anyway, he jumped up with a roar, and shouted out "Hannustmasgiving!"

We had no idea what he was talking about, but we often don't, and so mostly ignored him. But he stomped around the warehouse with his guttural voice shouting, "Hannustmasgiving! Hannustmasgiving! Hannustmasgiving!"

And so a new description of the extended holiday shopping season was born.

In commemoration of Hannustmasgiving (and partly to appease the excitable Max), PowerMax is pleased to offer these Hannustmasgiving Lights to string around your computer. As you watch them glow and change color (something that keeps Max busy for hours), ponder your holiday as it is important to you, whether it's Christmas, Hannukah, Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, Festivus, or anything else, and give thanks for what you have.

Because it is always good to be grateful. Especially if you don't have to live with a Sasquatch in your warehouse.