LaCie 301262 Biggest S2S Spare Drive 1TB


The 1 TB Biggest S2S Spare Drive from LaCie is a spare drive for the 5 TB Biggest S2S array. The drive is ready to be installed in your S2S in the event of the failure of any one of its physical hard drives. Simply remove the bad drive and slide the replacement drive in. Having a spare drive on hand minimizes the downtime associated with a drive failure, allowing your RAID protected array to start rebuilding lost data immediately.

The spare drive is the perfect accessory for your Biggest S2S 2.5 TB array. In the event of a failure you can simply swap out the non-working drive for the spare and recover your data — minimizing downtime and turning what was once a catastrophic event into a minor annoyance.

Fully Compatible

The spare drive is manufactured by LaCie specifically for their array, so you will not run into any sort of compatibility issues installing it into your array.

Minimizes Downtime

Having a spare drive on hand minimizes downtime usually associated with a drive failure. Simply swap the fresh spare drive in and you can be back up and running in a nominal amount of time.

Weight 2 lbs
Manufacturer Part Number