Kensington 104key USB Comfort Type USB Keyboard (K64338)


This black colored, USB Comfort Type Keyboard employs a unique' "Comfort Type" key structure that helps encourage proper wrist position while maintaining standard key locations. The result-increased comfort without relearning how to type!

Comfort and productivity go hand in hand with the Kensington Comfort Type™ USB Keyboard. The unique key shape helps put your wrists in a natural, more ergonomic position that reduces fatigue and discomfort. And unlike other ergonomic keyboards, the Comfort Type doesn’t force you to relearn how to type. The keys are structured for maximum productivity and will have you up and flying from day one.

  • Comfort Type key structure for maximum productivity

  • Unique key shape compliments natural typing for increased comfort

  • Full size keyboard built for the touch typist

  • Reliable plug-and-play operation with wired USB connection

  • Built to last with a limited lifetime warranty

  • Black keyboard with 104-key layout

Weight 2.1 lbs



Manufacturer Part Number