iPod touch 64GB Space Gray


Mix innovative technology with extreme fun and sophisticated style, and you’ve got Apple’s new iPod Touch. The 6th Generation iPod Touch comes in five whimsical colors: Space Gray, Blue, Gold, Pink, and Silver. Its sleek design makes it the thinnest, lightest iPod ever. View stunning colors on its larger, 4” Retina display. Take spectacular pictures with its 5-megapixel iSight camera. Rock out or relax listening to whatever you choose through iTunes. Play a plethora of games in Game Center. Chat with a friend on FaceTime or text the day away with iMessage. Siri is even at your service.


Lightweight Aluminum

Apple’s new iPod Touch 6th Gen is the first iPod to be engineered in Apple’s signature, ultrathin aluminum body. First seen in their MacBook line, Apple machines the anodized aluminum body from a single piece of lightweight aluminum, giving it a silky smooth finish. The perfectly polished beveled edges speak to Apple’s impeccable style, giving you the most sophisticated iPod Touch ever.


Choose from five stunning colors for the ultimate in individual expression. Apple bonded these colors directly to the aluminum which results in a deep, vibrant luster. The aluminum body enables this innovative device’s weight to be virtually undetectable. It’s so light, you might even forget it’s in your pocket. In fact, you will barely register it’s in your hand at all. But don’t let it’s featherlight weight fool you. The iPod Touch is as strong as it is sleek, as tough as it is beautiful. Bring it along to parties, clubbing, road trips… you name it! This new iPod Touch can take as much as you can.


Bigger Screen. Better Graphics.

The beautiful 4” Retina display offers a wider, more expansive viewing screen than ever before. You’ll forget you’re watching a movie on a mobile device. With such vivid, lifelike images, you will get caught up in the action, transported into this magnificent iPod Touch. You can even watch in widescreen format (without letterboxing) with this larger 4” Retina display, which is also perfect for high-resolution video games.


Carry your entire music library. Save the world from the zombie apocalypse. Research on the internet. Share your life on Facebook. Tweet that perfect sunset. Get lost in a love story during that long travel day. The iPod touch does it all.


Give your thumb the space it’s been craving. One of the many wonderful things about this iPod Touch is that it’s taller, but not wider. This means you can still hold it comfortably in your hands, and it still lends itself well to one-handed operations.


More advanced than the previous generation, the new 4” Retina display comes complete with Apple’s innovative Multi-Touch technology, built right into the glass (not under it). Now nothing gets between your touch and your Touch. Text. Play. Surf. Snap. All right at your fingertips.


Capture Your World with iSight

Never miss that perfect picture again with the iPod Touch’s 5-megapixel iSight camera. With seven times (7x) more pixels than the previous generation, you don’t need a separate camera anymore. Built right into this amazing device, the iSight camera captures your experience and shares it with the world. Just a few taps and swipes, and your friends and family share your life instantly. Get that perfect shot with such features as tap-to-focus, an LED flash, advanced optics, and face detection. That perfect rose. The inspiring mural. The way the motor oil makes rainbow shapes in a rain puddle. Wherever you find beauty, your iPod Touch is ready to capture it.


Since you can edit, crop, and enhance your photos right from your iPod touch using the Photos App, your picture will always be perfectly framed with impeccable composition. The front-facing camera empowers you to get fun selfies or to engage in conversation with a long-distance loved one via FaceTime.


It also shoots 1080p HD video! Dabble in filmmaking on your lunch break or record the silliness of your friends for your delight time and again. Get iMovie from the app store, and edit your videos even further than innate trimming feature in your iSight camera.


Keep it Close at Hand

The iPod Touch’s colorful new loop is a great way to keep your handy device, well, handy! Don’t risk it falling out of your back pocket while dancing the night away. Loop it around your wrist and boogie down. It’s also perfect for when you want to get that tricky camera angle. With a flick of the wrist, you’re texting one-handed. The iPod Touch loop gives you peace of mind, letting you relax and enjoy without the fear of dropping it.


The new loop not only keeps your iPod Touch safe, it also is very easy to take on and off. Slide the loop over the pop-up button on the back and give it a tug. This little button is engineered so perfectly into the back, you won’t even notice it until you need it.


Dual-Core A5 Chip

All of the above is possible with this powerful dual-core A5 processing chip, providing twice the processing power and up to seven times (7x) faster graphics than the last generation. The most powerful iPod Touch ever gives you a smooth, responsive experience without bogging down the device. Powerful yet efficient, the A5 chip allows the same great battery life, so you still get up to 40 hours of music or 8 hours of video. That will keep you entertained on that long flight or car ride.


There’s no better time to invest in an iPod.


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