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Battery, Internal: 3rd Gen, TruePower With 1 Year Warranty

Battery, Internal: 3rd Gen, TruePower With 1 Year Warranty
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Other iPod batteries run well when new, but with TruePower Technology, our batteries not only run longer, they run longer...well, longer.

  • You'll be happy the first day. You'll be even happier the 200th.
  • Upgrade kits include all necessary tools and instructions.
  • With 1 Year Warranty

Are you getting TruePower from your Battery?

Some replacement batteries make incredible runtime claims. Of course, they last nowhere near as long in the real world. What's worse, in six months or so (depending on use), even these diminished runtimes can be cut in half. By one year, most batteries are so damaged they barely provide enough power to operate your iPod


To put it simply, power spikes damage a battery, decreasing capacity, runtime, and battery life. By six months, runtime can be cut in half. After one year, most batteries barely provide enough power to operate your iPod.

But TruePower's patented nanoparticle technology is different. It smooths out power spikes, dramatically extending battery life. Because of this, TruePower iPod batteries degrade at a much slower rate. Our iPod Battery Upgrade not only lasts twice as many charges, it holds more of its charge into the future.

  • And it's better for the environment as well.
  • Fewer batteries means less waste.
  • Longer runtimes, extended life and better value.
  • More charges. More music. More fun.

TruePower and how we achieve it

TruePower is the name of an innovative new technology designed to extend the life of ordinary Lithium Ion cells, commonly used in most rechargeable batteries. More than 4 years in development, this patented technology allows tiny ceramic particles (each less than a millionth of a millimeter in size) to be integrated into the molecular structure of the chemical binding agent found inside each Lithium Ion battery.

These particles then link-in with each other and a proprietary energy management controller circuit (EMC 2) to create an extremely dense and highly conductive layer on the surface of an enhanced battery pack. This combination delivers the power necessary to satisfy the pulse demands placed on most batteries, while ensuring the protection of the Lithium cell matrix. This results in battery packs that can be recharged many more times as well as yielding longer run times per charge. Where ordinary battery packs start losing their power within a few months, TruePower-enhanced battery packs continue giving consistent power for long periods.

Discharge large currents in a fraction of a millisecond, enabling instantaneous and extended power transfer to a device.

A Creative Approach to Battery Problems

Current Lithium ion batteries are specifically designed for the high pulse power demands of iPods, PDAs and laptops. Unfortunately, batteries meeting these power demands are usually made with a lower energy density. A trade-off resulting in shorter battery life and device runtime. By leveraging the pulse loads of a battery more efficiently, TruePower technology alleviates this problem.

When a device demands a sudden high current peak an iPod backlight turning on or loading the next few songs TruePower technology, unlike a regular Li-Ion battery, supplies the majority of the peak current instantly without causing damage to the power cells, which protects the battery and leads to a longer lifecycle.