Bamboo Stylus Mini Black A Super Portable Stylus


This adorable mini Bamboo Stylus tags along wherever you go. It’s 25% smaller than other styli, and it’s made of high quality, durable materials. It even has a replaceable tip! Its innovated, clean design is available in six stunning colors, and it feels so good in your hands. The responsive nib ensures a natural-feeling experience on the screen.

Take It With You

This mini Bamboo Stylus is the ultimate in ultra-portability and made to be mobile. Its attached strap enables the user to plug it into the audio jack of your smartphone or tablet, so it’s always on hand for your needs. Small and stylish, people will think it’s a charm when it’s actually a handy little tool.

Its brass metal body is solid yet light, and coated with easy-to-grip, soft-touch rubber. You can feel the quality. Easy-to-replace, affordable rubber nibs ensure a smooth pen-on-screen experience for the life of your durable stylus. You have the choice between firm and soft nibs.

Digital artists, photographers and designers the world over appreciate the thoughtful design of Wacom products, and the Bamboo Stylus mini is designed satisfy your every demand. You can capture notes with increased speed and clarity, and doodle to your heart’s content, thanks to the well-balanced brushed aluminum material and premium design. The aluminum cap protects the long-lasting tip and includes a handy clip you can use to secure the stylus to your pocket, purse or tablet cover. Although the carbon-fiber tip is designed for long life, when it finally wears down, you can easily replace it without having to replace the entire stylus. Extend the usefulness of your stylus by downloading the free Bamboo Paper app, which transforms your mobile device into a notebook.  

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