Apple Micro-DVI Male to DVI Female Video Adapter (MB204G/A)


This newly designed adapter perfectly fits the slim profile of the original MacBook Air. Never be caught unprepared at a presentation again. After you’ve spent hours on your presentation and show up to the venue with your laptop and rehearsed performance, you don’t want to be stuck because the venue doesn’t have the right adapter.

Be Prepared

Protect yourself with Apple’s Micro-DVI to DVI adapter. It allows you to connect to an external DVI monitor or projector, and it can also be used in combination with the Apple DVI to ADC adapter to support older Apple flat panel Studio or Cinema Displays. Connect the adapter to the Micro-DVI port of your MacBook Air and the DVI end of the adapter to an external DVI monitor or projector, and wow the room with your creation.

Extended Desktop & Video Mirroring

Even if you’re traveling with a presentation, you can benefit from this handy adapter to turn your MacBook Air into a powerful desktop work machine by using this cable in both video mirroring and extended desktop modes.

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