Apple Earpods with Remote And Mic for iPod iPhone iPad All Models (MD827LL/A)


Most people can relate to this or a similar scenario. You're sitting in your favorite coffee shop enjoying a frothing mocha. The low rumblings of conversations around you make for a pleasant background noise during your peaceful morning retreat.

An inconsiderate person at the next table answers their cell phone and begins to talk in a voice so loud the entire coffee shop can hear this conversation. This person has just disrupted the piece of the entire place as if their conversation was the most important thing in the entire world.

But your piece is not interrupted so easily. You pull out your Apple In–Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic, turn on some classical music, and escape back into your peaceful retreat. The louder this inconsiderate person talks, the more you turn up the volume. It's conveniently located via remote on the cord, so you don't even have to pool your iPhone out of your pocket.


These great headphones enable you to control your world through audio, take calls, and adjust audio and video playback on your iOS device. They also come with a handy carrying case to keep them protected when not in use.

The convenient control capsule located on the cable dangles just beneath your chin at about shoulder height. It's a perfect location to adjust the volume, play and pause your audio, answer and end calls, and even record voice memos on supported devices. The top increases the volume and the bottom decreases it. The center of the capsule is the play/pause button. This starts and stops your audio, answers and ends calls, and with a slightly longer hold will activate Siri for voice memos and other vocal–recognition tasks.


These innovative headphones are built for your ears, as three sizes of silicone ear tips are included. These soft eartips provide a comfortable, stable fit that creates a seal to block outside noise so you can get the most from your entertainment. The stainless steel mesh caps further protect your earbuds from dust and debris. They are easily removed for cleaning purposes.


Each earpiece contains two separate audio drivers. A woofer and tweeter is located in each ear piece to give you rich, detailed, and accurate sound every time. Get a perfect balance between the base in treble.


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