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Kelvin Duo Wine Temperature Sensor / Mfr. No.: Kelvin

Kelvin Duo Wine Temperature Sensor / Mfr. No.: Kelvin
Qty. Available: 10+
Item Number: adv-kelvin
Vendor Number: KELVIN
Vendor: Adventure Labs
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Serve wine at its optimum temperature with a Kelvin wine thermometer.

Wine at the optimum temperature improves its nose, taste and ultimately your overall enjoyment.

Wireless technology

The sensor is on the bottle but the display is where you are, which is particularly great if the bottle is in the fridge! One colour change on the flashing backlight and its time to enjoy wine at the optimum temperature.

10 wine categories

They’ve got it covered, breaking down the masses of wine varieties into ten simple categories, just one button and a few moments and the thinking is done.

Colored LED indication

Take a few moments to select the correct wine category and just follow the coloured lights, it’s as simple as that..

Adjustable to your preference

Your wine, your way. Just as everybody is unique so are their tastes; and we thoroughly encourage experimenting! Manually adjust the target temperature and save it in the memory.

Serving wine at the correct temperature makes a big difference.

Kelvin set about making the best wine thermometer in the world and the biggest challenge was that the wine would move from place to place, (rack to fridge to table) therefore the sensor had to be attached to the wine bottle - that seems obvious. But how do you simply monitor the temperature of the wine, ensuring that it has not got too cold, without regularly opening the fridge door?

'Wireless communication' - sure it seems simple now we've told you the answer, of course Kelvin patented it first.

First choose your wine, then select the correct wine category, one button and a choice of ten options; four in white (including desert), three in red, two for sparkling and one for rosé. If it’s not immediately obvious in which category your choice belongs,  around 90% of the wines sold are covered by the list printed on the back of Kelvin (anything unusual please use the accompanying guide ). So after a few moments you’ve selected the correct category and the optimum temperature is displayed on the screen. You’ve most probably got two options now. Put the wine in the fridge, if the screen is flashing red; or  take it out of the fridge if the screen is flashing blue.

We’d recommend removing the bottle from the fridge the moment the screen changes from green to blue, that will give the you longest time in the green zone and, don’t worry, once you’ve got your wine to the correct temperature the thermal dynamics of the bottle will mean it will be at the perfect temperature for up to 45mins (read: you won’t have to be up and down every 5mins).

Oh, and Kelvin put in some adjustability. Of course the wine growers recommend temperatures for their wines, but they believe that it’s the customer who’s always right. Kelvin would firmly recommend experimentation and we’ve built in adjustability and memory functions to help you enjoy your wine the way you like it best.

If you’re interested in the impressive technical specification of Kelvin feel free to check out below, but we’d prefer to concentrate on the fact that Kelvin will help you, and your family and friends, enjoy every glass of wine at its very best..

It's as easy as blue, red or green

We hope we’ve peaked your interest and the idea of serving wine at the optimum temperature is starting to appeal, the question that we felt we had to answer convincingly was "How were we going to make it simple to use?" The obvious answer was to use a color convention which everyone knows.

Color makes sense of temperature, we’ve been associating colour with temperature since we were children (and our parents told us to be careful of the hot tap - I don’t need to tell you what color that is). Once you’ve taken a few seconds to select the correct wine type (choices of four in white, three in red, two for sparkling and one for rosé) then Kelvin does the work of monitoring temperature for you. It will show you the ideal temperature for the type of wine you’ve selected but really all you need to be concerned about is the following indication:

Flashing BLUE means take the wine out of the fridge (as it's under the optimum temperature).

Flashing RED means put the wine in the fridge (as it's over the optimum temperature).

Flashing GREEN means enjoy your wine at the perfect temperature (as it's reached the optimum temperature).

  • 10 Pre-set wine categories (adjustable by up to +/-5°c for personal preference)
  • Transmitter band reads temperature of bottles from 65mm to 90mm in diameter
  • 3 user defined memories for favourite wines
  • Large 38mm LCD display
  • Blue, Green, Red LED flashing display backlight
  • Luxury rubberised soft touch finish on display Unit
  • Transmitter band water resistant
  • Temperature display accurate to less than +/-1°c
  • Magnetic feet to attached receiver base to fridge door
  • Display unit dimensions; width 78 x depth 78 x height 36mm
  • Power source; display unit 3 x AA batteries, transmitter band 2 x 2016 button cell