Pre-Order Cases Of The Next iPhone Confirm Earlier Speculation

Smartphone cases allegedly designed for the iPhone 8 are offering a clue as to how the upcoming version of the iPhone might look like. The look and size of the screen protector which is being offered for sale by pre-order seems to have confirmed some of the speculation that has been swirling around regarding the features and specs of the upcoming iPhone.

Adding to the credibility of the leaks is the fact that the cases are manufactured by Olixar, a well-connected manufacturer. Some of the features that the cases seem to confirm include a bezel-less edge-to-edge screen. There is also a region at the top of the smartphone which serves as an enclosure for the earpiece, sensors and dual front-facing cameras.

Larger display area

The screen protectors, which are being sold by UK website MobileFun, also suggest that the display area of the next iPhone will measure 5.8 inches. Additionally, the screen protector leaves no room for a home button and this has raised expectations that Touch ID will be meshed with the display.

Other highlights that have been betrayed by the new iPhone cases include the fact that Apple will not adopt USB Type-C for the next iPhone in place of the Lightning connector like the case has been with the MacBooks. Apple will also not be returning the headphone jack.

Function Area

If the leaks by MobileFun are to be believed, they may also betray some of the new features lurking in iOS 11. Earlier in the year, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI, claimed that iOS 11 will have a Function Area feature similar to MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. This feature, which was not previewed during the unveiling of the latest operating system for Apple’s mobile devices, would radically change how users of the iPhone get and interact with alerts and notifications.

The Function Area will be situated at the bottom of the screen in the space which was previously taken up by the bottom bezel and the home button. With the Function Area, users will have at their disposal contextual controls as well as rich new notifications.

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