When you want to make something great, you challenge every assumption. You cast aside every preconception. You refuse to rest until it’s the best it can possibly be. Whether it’s a film, a song, a scientific discovery — or the tools that are used to make those things. We’ve never created anything like the new Mac Pro. No one has. And we can’t wait to see what you create with it.

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Video Editing

4K performance that’s nothing short of spectacular.

Work pixel-for-pixel in 4K without slowing down, thanks to dual AMD FirePro workstation-class GPUs and the latest Xeon E5 processors in Mac Pro — a merger that delivers the breathtaking capability to run 8 picture-in-picture streams of 4K video at once in Final Cut Pro X (or many more streams of HD video). Combine that with the power to drive up to three 4K displays and process multiple layers of complex effects in real time, and you have a video editing powerhouse.

Unprecedented expansion. At 20Gb/s.

Six Thunderbolt 2 ports redefine the possibilities for expansion by giving you up to 20Gb/s of throughput — without being limited by a set number of PCI Express slots. Connect to your SAN or fast local RAID storage. Then add video I/O, broadcast monitors, your existing PCI Express cards, and just about anything else your workflow requires. With HDMI output, you can even use a 4K TV as an external monitor for Final Cut Pro X. Manufacturers like Promise, AJA, and Blackmagic are creating a host of advanced high-performance storage, video I/O, and expansion solutions for Thunderbolt 2. Another benefit of Thunderbolt: You can easily move your high-performance peripherals from one Mac to another based on the task at hand. And both generations of Thunderbolt technology are compatible with the new Mac Pro.
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Final Cut Pro X. Now optimized for Mac Pro.

The new version of Final Cut Pro X has been engineered to take advantage of the 4K capabilities of the Mac Pro. The dual workstation-class GPUs in Mac Pro accelerate effects, optical flow analysis, video export — and virtually everything else you do in Final Cut Pro. Ultrafast PCIe-based flash storage means fast project loading and incredible multi-stream 4K playback, allowing you to edit Multicam Clips with up to 16 angles of 4K video. And Final Cut Pro X has been so perfectly tuned to take advantage of the new Mac Pro, you can work in 4K — in real time — without rendering. (Take a minute to let that slowly sink in.)


Dual GPUs


Up to three



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3D Modeling and Animation

The power to work with even the largest models.

Dual workstation-class AMD FirePro GPUs — standard in every Mac Pro — provide up to 12GB of video memory, with up to 528GB/s of memory bandwidth for manipulating complex models with massive geometry and large textures. Work with your models at a whole new level of detail, speed, and responsiveness. And Mac Pro works with OpenGL 4.1 in macOS to support advanced features like tessellation shaders.

Ultrafast rendering. And everything else.

Available 12-core Intel Xeon E5 processors — with up to 60GB/s of memory bandwidth — make rendering tasks incredibly fast. And PCIe-based flash storage and 1866MHz memory make quick work of virtually everything you do.

High-speed collaboration.

With Thunderbolt 2 you can connect to your workgroup via SAN or NAS shared storage with up to 20Gb/s of bandwidth. Want to hook up for a simple and fast local transfer? IP over Thunderbolt support in macOS gives you a 10Gb connection to another Mac for the cost of a mere cable. Connect several Mac Pro systems together with Thunderbolt cables and you have an instant network render cluster.

Up to



Up to

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teraflops of computing power

3d Applications Performance

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Import and export in a flash.

PCIe-based flash storage lets you import massive images over four times faster than the previous-generation Mac Pro. While powerful Intel Xeon E5 processors and AMD FirePro GPUs let you fly through edits, filters, and effects.

Connect to next-generation peripherals at next‑generation speeds.

Thunderbolt 2 gives you a superfast 20Gb/s connection to superfast storage, from portable drives ideal for use in the field to high-capacity RAID arrays. USB 3 provides fast connections to cameras and media readers. And with direct connection between computers via Thunderbolt, you can bring your MacBook Pro with Retina display on location, then transfer your work back to your Mac Pro.
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Edit your images in 4K.

With the new Mac Pro and powerful multiple-display support in macOS, you can work with an image full screen on one display while you work with your photo browser on another. Connect a 4K display — with over 8 million pixels — and see your photos in more detail than ever before.


PCIe Flash Storage

Up to


faster than SATA

solid‑state drive

Thunderbolt 2


Up to

Photography Callout 25x

faster than
FireWire 800

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Design and Layout

The beauty of working in 4K.

Spread your layouts, web pages, images, and tools across a massive desktop with a 4K display. Work with two 11×17 tabloid pages side by side, with plenty of room for tools and other windows. If you have multiple traditional displays — like two 27-inch Apple Thunderbolt Displays — the powerful multidisplay support in macOS lets you work full screen with several apps simultaneously. And it keeps your menus and Dock at hand no matter which display you’re working on.

Speed up your workflow.

Blazing-fast multicore processors — with up to 60GB/s of memory bandwidth — make multitasking quick and responsive. Ultrafast flash storage lets you copy, open, save, and work with even the largest images and documents smoothly and quickly. And built-in networking — Gigabit Ethernet or 802.11ac wireless — combined with the latest SMB3 file sharing protocols in macOS makes connecting to your workgroup quick and easy.

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More power across the board.

The new Mac Pro delivers up to 12 processing cores (up to 24 virtual cores) and up to 60GB/s memory bandwidth — twice the bandwidth of the previous-generation model. Now you can work with even more tracks of virtual instruments, plug-ins, and effects than previously possible. And the ultrafast PCIe-based flash storage loads all those instruments, samples, and loops almost instantly.

Connect to next-generation I/O technologies.

Six Thunderbolt 2 ports and four USB 3 ports redefine the meaning of expansion. Connect up to 36 best-in-class audio I/O devices from Avid, Apogee, M-Audio, MOTU, Universal Audio, and more. And with a PCI expansion chassis connected via Thunderbolt, you can work with the DSP and audio I/O PCI Express cards you already have.

up to


memory bandwidth

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Science and Technology

More cores. More power. More data.

Now you can stream through even the largest datasets with the latest Intel Xeon E5 processor, featuring up to 12 cores and 1866MHz ECC memory for up to 60GB/s of bandwidth. That’s twice the bandwidth of the previous-generation Mac Pro.

GPU computing with OpenCL.

OpenCL lets you tap into the parallel computing power of modern GPUs and multicore CPUs to accelerate compute-intensive tasks in your Mac apps. Use OpenCL to incorporate advanced numerical and data analytics features, perform cutting-edge image and media processing, and deliver accurate physics simulations. When coupled with the dual workstation-class FirePro GPUs with up to 4096 stream processors and 12GB of fast GDDR5 memory, OpenCL enables your applications to harness up to 7 teraflops of computational power.

Your data. In tremendous detail.

The ability to run up to three 4K displays lets you visualize every detail of your data in ways that just weren’t possible until now. That’s nearly 25 million pixels at your command.

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Thunderbolt devices

Dual Workstation-Class GPUs


Up tp

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stream processors