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Data Robotics (Drobo)

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Drobo 5D Thunderbolt Storage Array 5 bay USB 3.0 / Mfr. No.: Drdr5a21
The Drobo 5D was redesigned to meet the data storage needs of today's media creators and demanding professionals. It builds on the fully automated functionality of previous Drobos by adding blazing-fast performance by leveraging cutting-edge Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 connectivity. The Drobo 5D is the… [More]
Vendor: Drobo
Vendor Number: DRDR5A21
Power Supply For Drobo Fs 5bay Field Replaceable / Mfr. No.: Dr-P500-2p11
Vendor: Drobo
Vendor Number: DR-P500-2P11
Rack Mount Kit For Model B800fs And B800i / Mfr. no.: DR-B800-2R11
Vendor: Drobo
Vendor Number: DR-B800-2R11
Drobo 5n 5-Bay NAS RAID Array Gigabit Ethernet Ssd Sup / Mfr. No.: Drds4a21
The Faster, Easier Drobo for Your Network The Drobo 5N was designed with one purpose in mind: to deliver the best ever experience sharing storage and accessing data. From the moment you plug it in and it is instantly accessible on your network, you'll know there's nothing like it. The Drobo 5N is pe… [More]
Vendor: Drobo
Vendor Number: DRDS4A21
Drobo 5D Mini Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 DAS Array / Mfr. No.: Dr-Mini-1a21
Mini in Size Only It's a Drobo, so by definition it's easy-to-use. Now it's also the fastest portable storage array-with cutting-edge Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 connectivity and innovative use of solid state drives (SSDs). Along with the power of BeyondRAID, it delivers all the power an… [More]
Vendor: Drobo
Vendor Number: DR-MINI-1A21
Drobo 8bay File Sharing Storage For Business Model B800fs / Mfr. No.: Dr-B800fs-4a21
Drobo delivers "big storage in a small box" to create the best storage experience ever for small and medium sized businesses and departments at larger enterprises. Built on proven and award-winningBeyondRAID technology, the Drobo model B800fs allows the sharing of files with all computers on the net… [More]
Vendor: Drobo
Vendor Number: DR-B800FS-4A21
Drobo ISCSI San 8bay Storage For Business Model B800i / Mfr. No.: Dr-B800i-2a21
Drobo delivers "big storage in a small box" to create the best storage experience ever for small and medium sized businesses and departments at larger enterprises. Built on proven BeyondRAID technology, Drobo redefines IT economics by delivering award-winning iSCSI SAN storage and advanced capabilit… [More]
Vendor: Drobo
Vendor Number: DR-B800I-2A21
12tb Drobo B1200i San Storage 12bay 6x2tb 7200RPM Sas HDD / Mfr. No.: Dr-B1200i-1a21-D06
Small and medium businesses run most of the same applications that Enterprises do in IT, but do not have the expertise or sheer stang resources to manage the same storage infrastructure. Enterprise storage that supports server virtualization, e-mail, and backup is also high-cost in the context of SM… [More]
Vendor: Drobo
Vendor Number: DR-B1200I-1A21-D06
Drobo B1200i ISCSI 12.6tb W/Ssd 12-Bay San X6 2tb Sas X3 200gb / Mfr. no.: DR-B1200I-1A21-G6R3
The Drobo B1200i 12-bay iSCSI SAN storage is optimized for Small and Medium Business (SMB) IT to provide reliable, high-performance, and self-optimizing storage for server virtualization, email, and data protection. It integrates seamlessly into your TCP/IP network infrastructure and utilizes the in… [More]
Vendor: Drobo
Vendor Number: DR-B1200I-1A21-G6R3
Drobo B1200i ISCSI San 36tb 12-Bay San Array W/ 3tb Sas Dri / Mfr. No.: Dr-B1200i-1a21-Q12
Application-Optimized Storage for SMB IT Built on proven BeyondRAID™ technology, coupled with new and innovative Automated Data-Aware Tiering, the Drobo B1200i delivers a level of automation and technical sophistication usually reserved for more expensive enterprise solutions. All in a product… [More]
Vendor: Drobo
Vendor Number: DR-B1200I-1A21-Q12
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