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Display Extenders & Wireless Solutions

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Gefen 1x8 VGA Cat5 Distribution Receiver / Mfr. No.: Ext-VGA-Cat5-148r
The VGA CAT5 Distribution R connects via CAT5 cable to the 1x8 VGA CAT5 Distribution Sender. The receiver can be connected up to 330 feet away from the Sender unit. One CAT-5 cable connects the sender and the receiver to each other, extending your video flawlessly. Extends any Component or Compo… [More]
Vendor: Gefen
Vendor Number: EXT-VGA-CAT5-148R
Tripp Lite DVI Dual Link Video Extender Adapter / Mfr. No.: B120-000
Tripp Lite's Dual Link DVI Extender increases the length of your DVI cables beyond the recommended 5-meter distance limitation. Ideal for use with Tripp Lite 50ft and 100ft DVI cables. Works with Single or Dual Link DVI cables. Just plug the longer DVI cable into the video source, and the B120-000 i… [More]
Vendor: Tripp Lite
Vendor Number: B120-000
Gefen VGA To Cat5 Extender / Mfr. No.: Ext-VGA-141srn
The VGA extender SRN allows users to extend video signals far beyond the A/V rack. The VGA extender SRN can be used to extend an analog VGA signal to cover distances up to 150 feet. Industry standard category 5e (CAT-5e) cable is used for the extension. The VGA extender SRN sender unit connects to y… [More]
Vendor: Gefen
Vendor Number: EXT-VGA-141SRN
Tripp Lite Home Theater HDMI Display-Side Wallplate W/Signal Booster / Mfr. No.: P166-001-A
With Tripp Lite's HDMI Display-side Wallplate w/Signal Booster, you can now hide that HDMI cable that's connected to the Flat Screen HDTV hanging on the wall, by running the cable behind the wall and into the back of the faceplate. The built-in signal booster allows the video source (DVR, SAT box, e… [More]
Vendor: Tripp Lite
Vendor Number: P166-001-A
Gefen DVI Dl Booster Plus / Mfr. No.: Ext-DVI-141dlbp
Like our DVI DL Booster, the new DVI DL Booster Plus allows the extension of massive desktop resolutions over dual-link digital video cable well beyond its default limit of a 15-foot distance. Without such a device, sparkles or other objectionable mutations of the video signal can appear. Such degra… [More]
Vendor: Gefen
Vendor Number: EXT-DVI-141DLBP
Gefen VGA Extender LR / Mfr. No.: Ext-VGA-141lr
Extends any VGA or Component HD Display using a Single CAT-5 Cable up to 330 Feet From Your HD Source The VGA Extender LR allows users to extend video signals beyond the A/V rack. The VGA Extender Series can be used to extend an analog signal to cover distances up to 330 feet. Industry standard Cat… [More]
Vendor: Gefen
Vendor Number: EXT-VGA-141LR
Gefen Displayport Booster / Mfr. No.: Ext-Dp-141b
Extend the range of copper DisplayPort cables The Gefen DisplayPort Booster allows extension of DisplayPort up to 150 feet at 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA) and 100 feet at 2560 x 1600 (WQXGA), using high-quality copper DisplayPort cables. The Gefen DisplayPort Booster improves the reliability of HDCP and… [More]
Vendor: Gefen
Vendor Number: EXT-DP-141B
Startech Wireless HDMI Video Extender / Mfr. No.: St121whd
Wirelessly extend a single HD audio/video signal up to 30m (100ft). The ST121WHD Wireless HD Video Extender Kit includes both a WHDI transmitter and WHDI receiver, enabling you to wirelessly send a full HD (1080p) video signal, as well as audio and IR, from a high-definition signal source to a remot… [More]
Vendor Number: ST121WHD
Tripp Lite Displayport Active Extender Signal Booster / Mfr. No.: B121-000
Tripp Lite's B121-000 DisplayPort Signal Extender increases the distance a Displayport signal can be transmitted beyond the recommended 16 ft. (5 m.). It supports computer video resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz, and HD resolutions up to 1080p @ 60Hz, as well as a maximum distance of 150 ft. from… [More]
Vendor: Tripp Lite
Vendor Number: B121-000
Startech HDMI Extender Over Cat6 Over IP Lan Ethernet / Mfr. No.: St12mhdlan
Extend HDMI over IP using standard UTP/STP networking equipment - Extend to multiple displays using additional Receiver Units. The ST12MHDLAN HDMI® Over IP Extender kit includes both the transmitter and receiver and lets you extend an HDMI audio and video signal long range over a Gigabit LAN Net… [More]
Vendor: Startech.Com
Vendor Number: ST12MHDLAN
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