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Meet Max the Sasquatch
Apple Authorized Reseller

Why Buy From Us?

The following aren't so much FAQs as they are answers to the one big FAQ--- why should I buy from PowerMax? We think we have a lot of good answers to that.

• We've been in business for over thirty years, and our reputation is top-notch. We've been around since before the internet got commercial, so unlike the many companies that have sprung up to sell products on a page just because they have the technical expertise to put the product on a page, at PowerMax, you can call up someone who will tell you all they know about that product... or find out what they don't know. Sometimes all you want to do is click and buy because you know what you want... you can do that with PowerMax too. But being able to talk to a live, caring, and friendly human being before, during and after can be a godsend especially if you run into something unexpected.

• Just to emphasize the above, we don't use Voice Mail during business hours. Dial the number. A real person will answer the phone.

• If you really want to see how different we are, sign up for our Max Mail newsletter. We promise you'll receive occasional emails that are unlike anything you'll get from any other reseller. We like to keep it fun.

• We sell both new and used Macs and iPads. That means we don't have a vested interest in trying to sell you something just because we have it in stock, because we generally have more in stock of a variety of those things than anyone in the world. Not to mention the tens of thousands of accessories we can get to you in a matter of a few days.

We take trade-ins on anything Apple-related, and have been doing that longer than just about anyone. Between our reputation, accessibility, and longevity, you can relax knowing that your trade-in will be handled professionally and honestly.

• We are an Authorized Apple Reseller. Buying either a new or used Mac from someone who isn't authorized doesn't necessarily mean the product will be problematic, but there may also be a reason they aren't authorized. Apple holds us up to high standards... standards we constantly exceed.

• We're from Oregon. We like to have a little fun with that, because of course anyone living anywhere can be friendly. But Oregonians are known for their open and friendly demeanor, and regardless, we only allow the friendliest of the friendly to work here. In any case, it's really simple to find out if what we're saying is true... just give us a call!

• Our company is run almost entirely on Macintosh. You may think that sounds obvious, but you might be surprised to learn what kind of machines people are usually working on when you call other companies, even if they sell Macintosh. Personal experience goes a long way toward knowledgeability, and we've got a ton of both!

• Whatever formula we're using, we get emails virtually every day from folks just like you expressing praise and gratitude for what we do. Our CEO reads every single one of them. That's the best way we have of knowing that we're doing things right.

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