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Ten Reasons Macs Are Better Than PCs

There is a never-ending debate as to whether Macs are better than PC's. For the most part, those who are solidly in either camp will almost never be swayed one way or the other by simply words or argument. If for no other reason, whatever you've gotten used to will seem the most familiar, and therefore be easier to use. However, if you are not beholden to either platform, or are the type who would be willing to create new "muscle memory" for the long-term benefit of the "better" platform, here is our top ten list as to why Macs are better than PC's:

  1. Macs are cheaper in the long run

    Sure, you can buy a Windows PC for fewer up-front dollars. But the true cost of ownership should be calculated over a years-long span. And with that calculation, Macs win easily. For instance, today, we would give $700 in trade for an original 15" MacBook Pro, made about three years ago. Now, we stopped offering PC trade-ins after a brief experiment resulted only in angst on the part of customers who discovered their three-year old PC was worth nothing, but in attempting to do a trade with another company that still offers PC trades and plugging in a similarly-configured PC as that 15" MacBook, the automated response was: "No Trade-In Value." We think that not only is a good indication that Macs hold their value very well, but that PC's are made far less well, meaning that a PC is pretty much disposable after only about 2-3 years.

  2. Macs are much easier to buy

    We tried shopping for a PC just to compare, and after about 15 minutes our eyes glazed over. When you have so many choices, not only of manufacturers, but bells and whistles and speeds and sizes, it's almost impossible to know whether you're getting the right, or best, deal. With the Mac, it's much easier to narrow down your search quickly, PLUS, be assured you're getting a well-made and well-respected product, included being loaded with a whole bunch of great software you'd have to buy extra on a PC.

  3. In general, when Apple makes assumptions with its software, it gets it right, Microsoft often gets it wrong

    Surely this is subjective, but when you run Microsoft's software, even on a Mac, it loves to run interference, making assumptions as to what you're doing and trying to stay a step ahead. Most often, however, it just gets annoying. For instance, by default, if you type a "1)" in Entourage or Word, suddenly the next paragraph automatically starts with a "2)." Most people spend more time undoing the presumptions than benefitting by them... Microsoft is just horrible at getting in the way.

  4. Viruses

    While this is changing as Apple gains ground on Microsoft, Mac users are still living in comparative bliss with far fewer viruses, spyware and malware than Windows users.

  5. Time Machine

    Not nearly enough people back up their hard drives (because it should be everyone), but Apple's Time Machine makes it so elegant and simple that all you really need to do is hook up a drive and turn Time Machine on. And it's not just a back-up, but you can go back in time to find a document you deleted.

  6. When something goes wrong...

    Microsoft makes the software. Dell, or Sony, or HP, or seemingly a million other manufacturers, make the Windows PC. Then you have third-party drivers and whatever else for all the peripherals. When you have a problem, everyone points a finger at everyone else. With the Mac, the issue is Apple's, and they'll get it figured out.

  7. Apple makes it simple, Microsoft makes it complicated.

    While learning any new system can be a challenge, it's very clear that Apple focuses a lot of attention on simplicity. Perhaps the best example is the Apple remote: just one big button in the middle, and yet it does pretty much everything you need it do.

  8. Microsoft is for geeks, Apple is for people who just want to get things done

    What's pretty much true is that the back-end, server-infrastructure kinds of things is well-handled by Microsoft, because it's in the "land of the geeks," who love to dig into the machinery and tinker with all the settings and understand all the acronyms. Those kind of people like Windows on the user end as well because they understand all the crazy intricacies and complications of the computer system. Apple isn't nearly as big in the IT world, and that's okay, because it's front end user interface for "the rest of us" doesn't require us to be computer geeks to get things done.

  9. Let's face it, Apple understands style

    While there are a zillion different styles of PC out there, pretty much everyone agrees that the style, elegance, and just plain "hipness" of the Mac has yet to be beat. They just look cool, and they're well-made as well. That's why you almost always see a Mac in the movies... they just look a lot better.

  10. You can run Windows on a Mac anyway, so why not get the best of both worlds?

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