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The following are some of the most recent customer letters we've received via email. Since all these are a lot to read, we haven't bothered re-typing the letters we've also received, much less transcribed the complimentary phone calls. We are never more proud than when we can make our customers happy enough that they take the time to send a special compliment. In this crazy computer business when so much can go wrong and it can sometimes be so difficult to make everyone happy, we live for the opportunity to help someone's life be just that much more satisfying. To all who have written or called, we humbly thank you. To those who haven't, there isn't a day that goes by where we don't remind each other to do everything we can to make each and every individual customer happy enough to do so.

I only wish all the people I deal with over the phone or online were as professional and helpful as you.

  • Respectfully,
  • R.F.
  • Dayton, OH

I love doing business with PowerMax. I'm pretty sure I'm one of their smaller customers, but I have always been treated as if my order was the most important one of the day. It doesn't matter who I talk to at PowerMax -- from the person who answers the phone to the salesperson I regularly work with -- they're always cheerful, helpful and willing to go the extra mile to make sure I'm getting the best product for my particular situation and budget. I'm going to keep coming back!

  • Thank you, again, PowerMax!
  • B.V.
  • Marquette, MI

This is a Thank you! Your comment that the G5 2.5GHz Quad would not bring much improvement for what I am trying to do was right on the money. Because you did not try push me into buying something more without first forming my own opinion, you have now gained a customer. I will just need to budget for that "dream system" down the road.

  • Thank You,
  • H.U.
  • Brandon, MS

It's nice to know there are people like you who take the time to make things a little easier for us. It's folks like you and your company that make the Mac experience so unique and pleasurable. Keep up the good work.

  • Sincerely,
  • J.M.

Your disk solved the problem. What a wonderful example of service after the sale! If you need or want a sincere testimonial regarding the quality your service, I would be happy to confirm that.

  • Thank you,
  • H.A.
  • Philadelphia, PA

Since my first call, (your rep) was superbly courteous, diligent and helpful. He followed up the status of my orders "before" I inquired about them. This level of service is "rare". Seldom one finds in Miami (or many other cities) this kind of personalized treatment. (You) have won me as a customer.

  • Sincerely,
  • J.T., Ph.D.
  • Miami, FL

Just wanted to say thanks for your prompt response to my order, I really appreciate it. I am much impressed with PowerMax, and you will be the first place I turn for Mac-related gear.

  • Best regards,
  • S.P.
  • Bellevue, WA

I really appreciate going out of your way to get me this great deal on Leopard, you're my favorite sales rep. I wish all Apple dealers trained their sales reps as well as Powermax does. From now on anything Apple I need I'm going to go to PowerMax first.

  • God Bless You Richly,
  • D.W.
  • Augusta, GA

Thank you for your prompt attention in getting my battery to me. You were a life saver. The power is staying at 99%, whereas before it was 39%. This makes me feel much more comfortable. I appreciate your great service and concern. Keep up the good work.

  • Sincerely,
  • L.S.
  • Redding, CA

My Mac arrived, nicely packaged in a box along with the Macally keyboard / mouse combination. ( I'm using it right now to create this email.) Thank you for your excellent customer service and when I'm ready to acquire a laser printer this winter I will check with you and your company first.

  • A.G.
  • Portland, OR

I have been very impressed by PowerMax. Thank you for your fantastic service.

  • With regards,
  • M.M.
  • Nazareth, PA

Just wanted to know that your service is spectacular and has been with every order. I continually recommend you to everyone and feel fortunate to have found you.

  • Again, many thanks,
  • D.G.
  • Seattle, WA

I have been a customer of PowerMax for several years, and purchased my last several Macs from you. You know how seriously we Mac users take our personal computing, and your trade-in program makes upgrading an easier process. When I saw the new iMac come out, I immediately needed to have one. After waiting in line for 6 weeks, when it finally arrived, I was so disappointed that I was experiencing crashing and CPU failures. Your support staff was prompt and courteous and gave me a series of instructions to resolve the issue. But what separates you from the rest was how you treated me with respect and clearly valued my business when it became clear that the iMac was, in fact, unusable. Rather than making me jump through "hoops of fire", you recognized the issue and worked quickly on a resolution with me. I will be certain to let all my friends and family know that there are still companies out there that truly value their customers.

  • Best regards,
  • S.B.
  • Chicago, IL

Thank you for the prompt, professional service!

  • S.B.
  • Brookline, MA

First, my new iMac arrived this morning (from PowerMax), then you answer my question. What a great day! Will tell about your company every chance I get. Again Thank You!

  • K.K.
  • Woodland, CA

I just wanted to thank you for being the only people I have been able to find on the internet that has the stuff that I was looking for and you was willing to send it to APO addresses. I tried ordering from others and they would not ship to APO addresses. So THANK YOU GUYS VERY MUCH! I plan on going through you guys any time I need Apple products from now on.

  • D.W.
  • Lufkin, TX

As always, I am very happy with your service. No BS, sensible advice when appropriate. PowerMax is very good in terms of the personal, 'oh gee, someone actually answers the phone and that someone knows what they are talking about'. So I wanted to let you know, I value the personal service of PowerMax. Your personal touch is worth quite a lot more than (any) price differential.

  • Cheers,
  • P.C.
  • San Diego, CA

Thank you for all of your help with our family's latest iMac. I was successful yesterday transferring data from my parents' old G3 iMac Snow to the new 20" iMac. Your suggestion to connect the new Intel iMac to the old G3 machine through an external hard drive did the trick. I patched the two machines through my LaCie drive and bingo! The new iMac recognized the G3 machine and the data transfer worked. Dad loves the new iMac. The 20" screen is a big improvement. I can only imagine what the 24" model looks like!

  • Again, I appreciate all of your help. You and PowerMax are the best!
  • S.B.
  • Phoenix, AZ

Thank you for all of your help with our family's latest iMac. I was successful yesterday transferring data from my parents' old G3 iMac Snow to the new 20" iMac. Your suggestion to connect the new Intel iMac to the old G3 machine through an external hard drive did the trick. I patched the two machines through my LaCie drive and bingo! The new iMac recognized the G3 machine and the data transfer worked. Dad loves the new iMac. The 20" screen is a big improvement. I can only imagine what the 24" model looks like!

  • Again, I appreciate all of your help. You and PowerMax are the best!
  • S.B.
  • Phoenix, AZ

I thank you and PowerMax for the always terrific service. I must always remember to check with you guys first.

  • S.S.
  • Los Angeles, CA

Just to let you know, the iMac got here safe and sound. Everything is up and running and I'm loving it. I just wanted to thank you for your help and giving such good customer service. I'm really impressed with PowerMax and I'll definitely be doing more of my Mac shopping with you guys.

  • Thanks again,
  • J.S.
  • APO A.E.

Am new at this but was trying to add a comment about the quick and efficient service I got from Power Max in regards to a product I bought from them -- I received it in a timely fashion, not damaged and was notified along the way when it was sent and arrival date -- was very impressed -- so please add my comment where it can be posted for the other shoppers -- many thanks.

  • A.M.
  • Arnold, MD

Yes, I HAVE been pleased with your service (and have recommended you to friends and colleagues, and will continue to do so). I appreciate the update regarding my order and the expedited shipping. I will continue to do business with you in the future!

  • S.N.
  • Glendora, CA

Just wanted to say "Thanks Again" for taking care of me on this order. Anyway - I'm a happy camper. Just wanted you to know!

  • Peace and Blessings,
  • R.S.
  • Makawao, HI

By the way... BIG kudos to your company for shipping to APOs. I love Apple and all their products, but their lack of support to Service Members deployed and stationed overseas has been a sore point with me for a long time!!! It is refreshing to find a company that understands that Soldiers in Iraq (and Afghanistan, and Germany, and Japan, and ....) deserve easy access to Macs as well as anyone else :)

  • Thank you for your help,
  • CPT. H.R.
  • Balad, Iraq

PowerMax is my vendor of choice for all future purchases! I'm hoping to upgrade my 3 yr old G5 to a dual core Intel next year.

  • M.F.
  • San Francisco, CA

Thank you so much for the extra kind service. I now will tell 100 Mac buyers how awesome the customer relations are at PowerMax.

  • Thanks,
  • T.H.
  • Lakebay, WA

I'm VERY happy with the iMac I purchased from you, and I would definitely say this is the best support I've had. I also want to thank you for PowerMax's support of the military by shipping Apple products to APO addresses. Thanks again, and I look forward to getting another Mac from you soon!

  • D.C.
  • APO, AP

I just wanted to let you know that I received the used PowerBook G4 12" today that I ordered last week. I had confidence that it would function properly because of it being checked and certified, but I didn't know exactly what to expect concerning the appearance of the case, screen, and keyboard, as far as scratches, wear, etc. To my delight, the PowerBook looks virtually brand new! The screen is perfect- bright and clear. The case is a 9.99 out of 10. And everything functions perfectly just like a brand new one. I haven't felt this good about a computer deal in a long time.
Thanks for your help and communication in helping me make a great buy. I will recommend PowerMax to anyone looking for a Mac- new or used.

  • Sincerely,
  • D.G.
  • Gainesboro, TN

Just wanted to thank you for the personal service. I appreciate that you called me on my credit card problem, and have kept me updated on the status of my order. I place orders on line several times a month, and sometimes customer service is lacking. Thank you, again.

  • P.L.
  • San Juan Capistrano, CA

You have been so incredibly helpful. It's out of the ordinary! Its cheesy, but you've made me like PowerMax even more!

  • Thanks again,
  • J.F.
  • Arlington, VA

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm so amazed and impressed that you took the time to answer my question the same day I wrote it, and in such detail. I have had such wonderful service and experience from PowerMax that I will be a customer for life, you can count on it. I love my little PowerBook.

  • Thank you and God Bless you,
  • R.S.
  • Dallas, TX

I would like to thank you for the prompt response to the drive situation. I received the drive on Wednesday afternoon, installed it on Thursday and everything went as smooth as could be. My experience with PowerMax has been a pleasant one, and I am looking forward to doing business again in the future. Once again thank you for all of your help.

  • P.C.
  • Henderson, NV

Thank you soooooo very much for the excellent follow-up and great consistent communication. I know this is a small order than some, but you treated me as if it was a large order. Hats off to you!

  • Best Regards,
  • K.C.
  • Oxnard, CA

Just wanted to let you guys know my laptop arrived safely last Friday. I didn't get a chance to really check it out until Monday, when I started migrating some files, adding memory and loading software, and so far it seems to be in excellent shape inside and out. The system is purring like a cat. I don't know what sort of tune-up you guys put it through prior to re-sale, but I give it an A.

  • Overall the PowerMax experience has been excellent. I'll be back,
  • WCB
  • Memphis, TN

You are really cool. Thanks, and you've made me a customer for life.

  • Peace out...
  • N.B.
  • Paducah, KY

I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to CALL me after you were unable to reach me via e-mail yesterday. I am glad that you contacted me when you discovered that the mouse that I ordered was no longer available in the color that I wanted and am very impressed with the personal approach that you and PowerMax have taken even though PowerMax is an online vendor. Even though I was not able to purchase from PowerMax on this occasion, I will certainly buy from you in the future. It's nice to see that there are still people out there that care about their customers.

  • Best Regards,
  • J.T.
  • Okemos, MI

Wow, I just love my iMac : ) and your great customer service too. (My friend) came over and gave a quick tutorial and I am flying already - thank you so much. Keep up the good work.

  • B.A.

Y'know, I just found the PowerMax site today and called someone in customer service to find out if the Labtec was compatible, and now you responded with the remaining piece of the puzzle. What a great company!
I've not ordered from PowerMax before, but if this treatment is at all typical of the service you provide, you have just gotten yourself a loyal customer. Again, thanks very, very much for your time and help!

  • Best,
  • M.P.
  • Modesto, CA

Thanks for all the information, it is a great help. I will let you know how it all comes out - and may have to ask you for some more help. I appreciate your consideration - actually this is the way I have been treated by everyone I have worked with at PowerMax. I wouldn't buy a Mac anyplace else. This is my second one from PowerMax.

  • Take care, and my best to you and your family,
  • R.H.
  • Plano, TX

Thank you very, very much! I have never used PowerMax before but I have been absolutely impressed with your professionalism and service. I really appreciate all the effort your company seems to put into customer service. I'm really looking forward to receiving the computer, and thank you once again for the follow-up service.

  • L.L.
  • Lawrence, KS

You provide such great customer service and it's never a hassle.

  • L.H.
  • Lafayette Hill, PA

I'm appreciated your taking care of the video card issue. Your company's customer service is vary good. You take some cost to fix the video card issue. So, I buy this software from here not other company as my appreciation. I would really like to thank you for the astounding customer service you and PowerMax have provided; ironically, not even Apple comes close to service such as this ;-)

  • E.R.
  • Boulder, CO

Thanks for getting my iMac trade processed so quickly and for shipping out the new MBP much faster than I expected. I was a bit apprehensive about doing a trade-in, but you exceeded my expectations by a mile.

  • Great job!
  • E.K.
  • Hebron, IL

I received the display and the last tablet today, thank you. Your service has been great; I appreciate you taking an interest in my new business, and will certainly have more purchase orders for you in the future.

  • Best,
  • J.H.
  • San Rafael, CA

I just wanted to thank you. I got my computer yesterday, the day after it was shipped, the next business day from when I ordered it. That was some of the best customer service I've ever received, and I wanted to thank you. My computer is awesome, and thank you for upgrading me as well last minute, and the prompt response.

  • Thanks again,
  • A.K.
  • Portland, OR

A fellow writer recommended What a difference (from my previous experience). Your terms made sense, you had a 90 day guarantee, and you had helpful Mac tips all over your website. When I called I immediately got someone on the phone. She was happy to discuss what I wanted, suggest some machines that would handle my needs, and answered all my questions. I was confident and sooo happy. And eager. When my husband pointed out it was probably being shipped as "signature required," I wondered if there was a way I didn't have to wait one more day. I wanted to play with it over the weekend! When I called Michelle to see if she could do something about it, she could and did, even calling me back to authorize UPS's transfer fee so it could be shipped to where I work and get a signature that way. I adore my new-to-me G4 Powerbook, and now that I've found you folks, I'll be thinking of you for all my Mac needs in the future!

  • Thanks again,
  • P.M.
  • Saranac Lake, NY

Thanks for your help! you've been so responsive and informative. i really appreciate your customer service, and i can't wait to get my new computer!!

  • Thanks,
  • J.P.
  • Jackson, MS

Thanks for an awesome customer service experience. I would gladly be a testimonial for PowerMax.

  • B.S.
  • Brookston, IN

Please accept my congratulation on having such professional and customer caring employee in your company.

  • I find (my rep) patient and resourceful all the time.
  • T.R.

I really appreciate the e-mail about the delay and the option to cancel the order. Your price is the lowest that I've found and the courtesy e-mail that you sent has sold me on your company. I'd like to keep the order in place and look forward to doing business with your company in the future.

  • Thank you,
  • M.O.
  • Colorado Springs, CO

Outstanding service, beautiful machine. More than I hoped for. You have not only a return customer, but an evangelist as well.

  • Regards,
  • T.P.
  • Eugene, OR

Thank you for all your help on the phone and for taking care of my order so fast. I will definitely be using you guys for all my future Apple purchases.

  • Thanks again,
  • N.H.
  • Ft. Worth, TX

I just wanted to say to you (and your team) that you guys are awesome! You've kept your word every step of the way and I am very happy with the deal I got. The shopping experience I've had from was, for the lack of a better word, ....perfect! So "kudos" to you and your team. I'll be sure to tell people I got it at

  • Thank you!
  • J.O.
  • Denver. CO

I just wanted to thank you for what I can tell is your personal commitment to excellence. It is something I can tell is important to you and I really appreciate you for that.

  • A.S.
  • Knoxville, TN

Thank you so much! You don't know how nice it was to have a "person's name" on the Email and a phone number. I've never experienced that ordering over the Internet. I appreciate you fixing my order so quickly! Have a great day!

  • D.C.
  • Minneapolis, MN

Computer's working great, the monitor is HUGE and crystal clear. Thanks for all your help. I'm telling my friends at work all about your service and customer care!

  • E.H.
  • Rosburg, WA

Your help has just made a customer for your company. I am an Authorized Apple Consultant and I do a lot of internet business as I live 100 miles from the nearest computer store and 250 miles from the nearest Apple store. Thank you again for your help.

  • T.K.

Many thanks for your excellent service. I will tell all my friends about your intelligent service.

  • B.A.
  • Palo Cedro, CA

Thank ever so much. I know how customer service is so important now days as I work in a retail store. As far as I'm concerned PowerMax is at the top of my list if anyone is considering buy a computer.

  • You and your team are the greatest when it comes to taking care of your customers.
  • A.B.
  • Salem, OR

I would like to say that (my rep) gave me excellent advice on the purchase of my new laptop. All of my questions were answered in a very professional manner. The delivery commit time was met according to your estimate!! (My rep's) professionalism has gained me as another customer for life!!! I'm a professional musical artist and the clients and friends in this business I know will be getting my endorsement of your company and excellent service!!!!!

  • D.G.
  • Victorville, CA

Thank you you've been very helpful and I'm very pleased with your service. It was a nice change to have somebody personally take care of my internet order and to answer any questions I had.

  • Thanks Again,
  • L.D.
  • Atlantic Beach, FL

Thank you very much for your great assistance. You, and the others I spoke to at Powermax, are a shining example of the long lost art of 'customer service'. Hard to believe I could feel this confident about a $2,000 purchase, from someone I've never met, over 2,000 miles away. Wish there were more companies like yours.

  • Best,
  • D.S.
  • Houston, TX

You were patient, professioinal, and willing to go the extra mile. THANK YOU!

  • God Bless,
  • K.D.
  • Stanwood, WA

Once again I'd like to thank you all for a wonderful experience. I recommend you all to Mac users all the time.

  • E.S.
  • University, MS

As I told you, this is not my first contact with PowerMax. I'm so pleased to realize that your courtesy and attention to customer service have not changed over the years. You provide a rare positive experience in an increasingly user-unfriendly foreign market that doesn't make time "for the rest of us."

  • B.H.
  • Canyon Country, CA

Just a note to say Thank you! We received the order this morning and it is charging as we speak. Will let you know when we might need or want other items for our Apples in the future. Your attention and help are what make even sales prices worth the trouble and risk when buying online. It's very reassuring and service is what will have me buying from PowerMax again! Keep it up it rocks!

  • E.E.
  • Reno, NV

I just wanted to say Thank You for the recent shopping experience. I appreciate the way my order was handled, and for the great customer service. Thank you again

  • G.E.
  • Wichita, KS

Thank you guys so much I really appreciate it. You guys went out of your way to help me on this one. You guys scored huge points in my book.

  • Thanks again,
  • W.P.
  • Oakton, VA

I recently purchase my 8th computer from PowerMax (we've been a customer for over 7 years). Their service is unmatched! I don't have time to research and they pointed me to the MacBook Pro in minutes. It arrived on time and extremely well packed. It's is the most beautiful work of art. It starts up in seconds!

  • P.S. I don't care what kind of deal I'm offered, I will only buy from PowerMax.
  • J.T.
  • Yorba Linda, CA

You have been extremely easy to work with and I really appreciate all the service you have provided me. I thought it was hard to beat Apple's own buying experience, but you did it!

  • Warm regards,
  • R.B
  • Foster City, CA

There are plenty of local Mac resellers and Apple Stores here in the Saint Louis area to buy from but given the opportunity PowerMax is always my store of choice!

  • Have a great week!
  • S.C.
  • St. Louis, MO

I am grateful for your patience as I worked through all of my issues when trying to purchase the new Mac laptop. As I came back to you over and over it was because of the sense of trust I had in you and trusted your opinion as I sought it.

  • J.S.
  • Providence, RI

I appreciated the email response. I have heard great things from my friends about PowerMax. I sent your email site to a friend last week.

  • M.M.
  • USAG

You, and everyone at powermax I have spoken to so far, are UNBELIEVABLY HELPFUL!

  • Thank you so much. I will buy from POWERMAX!!!!
  • D.D.

"I heartily recommend Powermax--for their integrity, product knowledge, support, efficiency, pricing, and superb customer service. Purchasing my iMac and Macbook Pro was a great experience. In my most recent purchase, Heidi was absolutely wonderful to deal with--she has great depth of knowledge, credible recommendations at her fingertips, and tremendous communication skills. As a baby boomer I've witnessed the decline of good customer service--but Powermax is an exception. There's no better company to deal with."

  • Have a good weekend.
  • Aaron
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