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Meet Max the Sasquatch
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Technology Sucks

What in the world is a technology company doing saying, "Technology sucks?"

It's like going to a baseball game and you hear the public address system blare out, "Baseball sucks! Enjoy the game anyway!"

The truth is, baseball does suck in some ways. Most baseball fans will tell you that. It moves slowly, with lots of pauses between the action. You can't enjoy all the nuances of the game unless you really understand it all. When you're in the nosebleed seats, all you really see are ants mostly standing around; you can hardly see the ball much of the time.

But that doesn't mean it's not a great game. It has moments of awesome beauty and amazing athleticism. It has helped our society move through race and nationality barriers. The statistics it generates provide endless hours of amusement and debate between baseball enthusiasts. And it's as American as apple pie.

Technology provides a similar love/hate relationship. When it works just like you want it to, it's great. But it breaks. It gets out of date. It does things you don't expect or want it to. And you have to upgrade or buy new versions of the same thing on a regular basis.

The internet is largely a self-serve marketplace. You can spend time researching, but the information you gather may not all pertain to you, and getting to a real live person who's willing to help you with your specific problems can be a challenge.

All of this is why PowerMax is not just a website for you to order stuff. PowerMax is your technology friend. We're here to unsuck whatever technology suckiness you're experiencing. We'll walk hand-in-hand with you throughout the life cycles of your technology. We'll make recommendations. We'll get to know you. We'll fix your problems, and answer your questions. We do all of that not to gain a sale, but to gain a relationship, a relationship that's beneficial to you.

Only PowerMax does all of the following:

  • First of all, you'll always communicate directly with a real human being; an Apple expert, whether it's via phone, email, chat, or even when you place an online order.

  • We're happy to talk with you via phone, email, or chat about problems you're experiencing. We can suggest fixes and make recommendations. We're not just sitting next to the phone looking for orders.

  • We can repair your Macintosh, iPad, iPhone or iPod with our award-winning PowerMax Service Department.

  • We can take your Macintosh, iPad, iPhone or iPod in trade against anything we sell, complete with the web's best trade-in values.

  • We can sell you a new Macintosh, iPad, iPod or just about anything related to technology and/or Apple, and/or we can sell you a used Macintosh, iPad, iPhone, or iPod, and much more.

Is your computer moving a little too slow or is crashing a little too often?

  • We can help with a trade-in or work with you on software or hardware diagnostics to improve your performance.

Did your computer die and you need to replace it?

  • We can help you with a brand new Mac or we can replace it with probably the exact same model in order to save you some of the significant software expense that can come from upgrading your hardware. This is possible because we stock virtually every modern Mac that has ever been made, all due to the success and longevity of our trade-in program.

Are you uncertain as to which model of Mac you should buy, whether new or used?

  • Our Mac Experts will ask you questions about what you do and what you need to use it for, and provlde recommendations accordingly. You're never left guessing on your own with PowerMax!

Are you having hardware or software issues and aren't sure what's causing them, or are you convinced you need hardware repair?

  • PowerMax can help with that too. We'll make it easy for you to send in your device and have our expert technicians look it over. You'll get a repair quote, after which we will either repair it and get it back to you, or maybe you'd just as soon trade it in at that point. Either way is fine with us... it's what's best for you that we care about.

Do you just have a question about anything related to Apple?

  • Give us a call! You might consider us old-fashioned, but we still look at the phone as a usable verbal communication device!



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