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Meet Max the Sasquatch
Apple Authorized Reseller

Max the Sasquatch

You may have heard of the Sasquatch. They’re famous for being hard to get close to, and with good reason - they freakin’ stink. Really. We should know, we’ve got one working for us.

Max (’natch) is an 8-foot-tall goofball who helps us around the office and kinda represents what PowerMax is all about… being different. He seems to love the whole mascot thing, although he can get mighty sensitive if he hears anyone call him an ape… and don’t even think about mentioning Gigantopithecus in his presence.

He’s best described as “a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid with a slightly pronounced brow ridge.” Yeah, he wrote that (okay, we’re lying, he actually wanted us to write “Tall, furry and handsome stud muffin. ” It’s very hard to find eligible female Sasquatches around town… even in Oregon).

So, just what are we doing with this 500 pound lump of fun? We’re letting the world know that there is more to Sasquatch than the lumbering oaf everyone recognizes from the Patterson-Gimlin film. These guys have feelings. They care, give a back massage you have to feel to believe, and love peanut butter and Twinkie sandwiches. Don’t even ask how we found that out.

So here’s the story as to how Max came to be at PowerMax, and what life is like with a big hairy, um, stud muffin, who smells like an old shoe stuffed with cheese that’s been sitting out in the sun for way too long, only offset by the slight whiff of peanut butter and whatever you call that creamy stuff inside of Twinkies. There are three chapters to the whole story, as captured on these videos. Enjoy!

The Max Chronicles

Episode 1

The Max Chronicles

Episode 2

The Max Chronicles

Episode 3

And by the way, Max is on Facebook. Friend the big lug, would ya?

Also by the way, Max has been around a long time, as you can see in this article.

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