PowerMax is proud to be one of the first resellers anywhere to take Macs in trade, and then of course all of the other devices, such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Our trade-in program has a great deal to do with PowerMax being here today! More and more people discovered they could get some very good and often better value out of their old devices from a reputable firm like PowerMax than, say, selling it on eBay or Craig’s List.

We’re also proud to be an authorized Apple reseller, something a lot of trade-in quoters are not, as well as one of the most experienced and best-regarded trade-in processors in the industry. Apple’s authorization means that we’re held to higher standards and a degree of reassurance that we’ll always deal with our customers honorably and fairly.

We’ve assembled this FAQ that covers the most common questions we hear. Note that our Mac Experts will be happy to answer all of your questions on the phone, via chat, or via email any time as well.

When you’re ready to go, just click here and let us know what you have to trade in, or Contact Us with any questions or comments you may have!


Why does your quoting process involve having to call or email?

Over the years we’ve found that identifying the proper model and/or learning the story surrounding its use are as important as just listing a product with an estimate. There’s nothing worse than having expectations not met when you send something in on trade… we’re never the kind of company that’ll quote high and then provide an excuse why it’s not worth that once we receive it. Of course it happens from time to time when we receive something that has an undisclosed problem, but again, that’s why we want to have a little more of a relationship with you than a few drop-down menus to give you an estimated price. All that said, you will almost always find PowerMax will give you the best trade-in value compared to anyone. That’s because we refurbish and resell what we take in on trade… we don’t wholesale them out to volume remarketers like most companies who take in trades, plus we use the process to enhance our mutual relationship on the ownership of all of your Apple-related technology.

Okay, the trade value sounds great. What’s next?

When you are ready to trade, your sales rep will need your name, address and phone number. Then they will go ahead and submit your info to the trade department, who will then send you an email with instructions.

How do I ship the product back to you?

The short answer is just about any way you want, as long as you pack it well. We will provide you a prepaid shipping label if you request one, which allows you just to tape a label on a box and drop it off at any UPS shipping location. Otherwise you can either ship it via your most accessible carrier, whether you have shipping facilities at your place of work or have other means to get it to us.

Note that the packaging is important when shipping. Accordingly, if you don’t have the original or an appropriate box, we will supply you a specially constructed one for a nominal fee, depending on your model.

One important note: G5 and Mac Pro towers are notoriously problematic with shipping if the original Apple packaging isn’t used. If you don’t have the original Apple box and packing, please talk to one of our consultants before packing up your G5 or Mac Pro tower.

Once I ship you the device, how long does it take to get my credit?

We do thoroughly test each trade-in that comes in, and the timing can also be affected by variances in volume, whether seasonal or due to things like a new release by Apple, but in general we strive to get each computer tested and completed within 1 to 3 weeks of receipt. We prefer to underpromise and overdeliver, so we don’t like to see it get to the outer edges of that estimate, but sometimes it does.

Can I purchase my new device before I send in the trade?

Absolutely! Not very many people want to be without their Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod while they wait for a new one. So we’re happy to receive the trade-in after you make your purchase, and then credit you back the same way you paid us for the replacement item. No sweat!

When you say “thoroughly test,” what do you mean exactly?

As an Apple Authorized Service Center and Reseler, we have access to all the latest tools Apple itself provides for diagnosis. We do a hard-drive format and install a fresh copy of the Mac OS (so be sure you know all your data will be gone as soon as you pack it up!). We also inspect the device for cosmetic issues (so be sure and lets us know ahead of time what to expect!) and check for things like the Liquid Spill Indicator being tripped, which will tell us if the device was ever submerged in water in any way, which will unfortunately negate all of its value.

Can you just purchase my equipment instead of just using it as a trade in?

All of our trade-ins are designed to act as credit toward the purchase of something else… whether you purchase it ahead of time or after the evaluation is complete. The main reasons we don’t just outright purchase are that 1) It allows us to consistently offer the best values you’ll find anywhere, and 2) we want these transactions to be part of our ecosystem, as it were.

A company buying a used computer from an individual is an entirely different kind of transaction and relationship, and so that’s not our mission or focus.

How can I trust that I’ll get the value quoted when you receive it?

Every business transaction ever conducted has an element of trust in it. What you have to do in evaluating that trust, if you haven’t dealt with us before, is look at a company’s reputation, their authorizations, their longevity, and their responsiveness. Search the web about PowerMax. Look at our reviews on Trust Pilot. We’re Apple authorized. We’ve been in business over 35 years. And just give us a call, chat, or send us an email to test how well and how quickly we respond. If we pass those tests, I think you can feel pretty good about trusting us.

Also keep in mind that when it comes to trust, this trade-in process is truly a two way street:

  • We trust you to send us a machine that we’ll be able to check out and resell, that we won’t be wasting our time by evaluating.
  • On the same token, you trust us to evaluate your trade fairly.

Thanks for reading this far!