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FAQ - iPads

We polled our Mac Experts who have spent so much time answering questions and talking with customers like you to get the most commonly asked questions about our new Macs. Of course, you can call yourself and ask your own questions too. Because we know you're unique, just like everyone else!

Are your iPads the same as Apple's?

All iPads come rolling off the same assembly lines, it's just a matter of which warehouse they end up in. We're an Apple Authorized Reseller, so you can rest assured our iPads are the same as you'll get from any authorized reseller or Apple direct.

Why can't I order a new iPad online from PowerMax?

That's Apple's decision. They are passionate about controlling the iPad messaging in any and all advertising and marketing, for reasons only they understand. We do apologize for that inconvenience... but the upside is that you get to talk to a terrific sales professional at PowerMax to do so. And of course if you already have a PowerMax rep and have his or her email, you can accomplish everything you want via email as well.

What does the term "Open Box" mean?

That means the computer box was opened and the iPad likely used for a short time, whether on one of our counters as a demo or with a customer who used it for a short while only to find out it wasn't quite what they needed. They represent very good values because of course after you use an iPad for a few days, it becomes just as used as an open box even if you bought it brand new.

Is the warranty any different when I buy a new Apple product from PowerMax?

Nope. In fact, it's a benefit to buy from us in that you get access to our awesome technical support as well as from Apple, and you can get any Apple product under warranty serviced by any Apple authorized service center around the world. We do recommend the purchase of AppleCare with every new iPad... it's a terrific value and gives you a lot of benefits in addition to the warranty being extended to two years.




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