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Hey guys, Justine, and today we’re checking out the brand new Mac Mini. I have been a Mac Mini fan since the very first Mac Mini. I actually won my first Mac Mini on a contest of MySpace. This was super shady. The fact that I actually got a Mac Mini in the mail and not murdered is shocking to me. I think it was right when I was in college and I didn’t really have a job, so it really definitely didn’t have any money, didn’t have a computer, you really have much of anything except I guess my dignity.

So let’s unbox this. It has many use cases and I feel like for me, I may have a different use case than many people because I do edit pretty much everything on my iMac Pro and that thing is so fast that for me to realistically use one of these to sort of offload some compressing from a compressor probably isn’t that realistic. Because my Mac Pro I can still compress videos and at at the same time and usually there’s no lag. So that may not be a use case but I do plan on editing this entire video that you’re watching right now on the Mac Mini. So I’ll give you some updates as this video progresses.

This now has an all space gray finish. It’s made of 100% recyclable aluminum which is pretty incredible because there’s so many processes that they said they have to go through to sort of make this aluminum that is recycled look as perfect as it does. So that’s decreasing the carbon footprint of these products by a pretty significant amount. Oh wow, it’s just right there. I was not ready for that!


They also have a larger air vent, so that will help with increased air flow. It smells really good, it smells like Cupertino, like if you’re ever in Cupertino, just take a whiff of that fresh air and this is what it smells like. Look at all of these ports! This is definitely something that I’m excited about! Especially using my Macbook so often and having to use a dongle just to be able to actually use my laptop.

Let’s see what else we have in here. Little tiny papers… do I not have any stickers? But you always give us sticker… here they are! Oh wow, I was in quite the panic! Found power cable. Have you seen one of these before? So here’s the power button, here’s the port for the power, Ethernet for Thunderbolt 3 USB C ports, HDMI and 2 USB 3 s and a headphone jack.

So some of the highlights in the new Mac Mini is it starts out at 4 cores but you can upgrade to 6. 60% faster graphics in the previous version. You can max it out to 64 gigs of ram. It also switched all of the new Mac minis to solid-state drives, so this will also go up to 2 terabytes.

Now that everything is all set up, I have Final Cut installed, what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to start editing this video that you guys are watching right now. I know I’m always fascinated by looking at people’s final cut timelines, so as I’m editing I’ll also show you my Final Cut timeline of the finished piece, so you guys can check it out. I’m also curious, do any of you guys edit Final Cut? What do you edit on? I would love to know. Leave them in the comments below.


So this was my MacBook Air video. As you can see, here’s me editing the video that you’re currently watching. This is some weird inception. One of the things that I want to try out is connecting the Mac Mini to my iMac pro, so if I’m editing or doing something I can offload rendering to my Mac Mini. So I can continue to do things on my iMac pro and I’m excited to test that out, although it’s crazy because my Mac Pro is so fast that a lot of times I will be compressing something and editing at the same time and it really doesn’t hinder the performance. So that’s cool, it’s an option. During the keynote they had a stack of them and it looked so awesome. It did actually look like a spaceship. This new space grey color is amazing.

So let’s watch something I’m actually do from borrowing Jenna’s 4k monitor. Let’s watch a really great video from this one channel that I love so much. They were screaming out of their cars. I will see you guys in the next video. Let me know in the comments below what you guys think of the Mac Mini. I would love to hear some of your use cases. Do you know anyone who has a Mac Mini? Do you have a Mac Mini? For me personally, this may not be the specific use case that I would need as a solution for my editing needs, because I do have an iMac Pro. I have a MacBook Pro that I edit when I travel but this could maybe just be my new kitchen machine. I think if Jenna lets me keep her monitor… it is your gaming wonder. This thing is really nice. I can’t believe that I’ve never gamed on this before, it’s nice. I have the BenQ ones, I should look into this LG one.

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked. Thanks for watching, see you guys in my next video. If you guys enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe. I have a really fun iPad video coming out for you very, very shortly as soon as I get done shooting and editing it. So look for that soon.

I will see you guys later and don’t forget about the MacBook Air or iPad pro giveaway. There’s more information about that video in my MacBook Air video. I’ll see you guys later.


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  • John IL

    Lot of things I like about the new Mac Mini. But the price of $799 is a bit steep for a core i3 quad and 8 Gb RAM and 128Gb storage. A far cry from the $499 Mac Mini of 2014. Its not the smallest desktop anymore, and you can get a Intel NUC for less that is far more upgradable. Apple could have priced the entry Mac Mini at $699 with 256Gb storage and had a decent winner even with the core i3 which is no slouch with quad CPU’s. But at $799 its not a good value with 128Gb storage that’s not even upgradable.