Moped Gang Raid Apple Store In London, Apple Devices Worth Thousands Stolen

Apple’s flagship store in London has fallen victim to robbery after a gang of robbers riding mopeds broke in and stole Apple products worth a lot of money.

Sources claim that the gang approached the Apple Store which is located on London’s Regent Street while riding on mopeds and allegedly smashed the glass on the door using one of the mopeds to get in. They are also said to have been carrying hammers which they used to threaten the security guards who tried to stop them. The gang managed to break into the Apple Store, gaining access to the products from the tech giant.

The whole incident reportedly took place in just three minutes but that was a lot of time for the robbers to take off with Apple Watches, iPads, and iPhones worth thousands of pounds. Video footage caught on camera by an eyewitness is currently being circulated online. The footage which was shot by 28-year-old Miah Mohammad reveals at least three scooters waiting outside as the getaway drivers while some of the robbers collected the gadgets from the store.

“At least three scooters waited on the pavement as people wearing helmets shuttled in and out during the early morning raid in London,” reported British news outlet, The Guardian.

The video footage recorded by Mohammad who was at the time waiting for a bus captured the moment at which about ten thieves raided the store. He stated that they made several attempts to break in before finally succeeding in the mission. The robbers were clad in dark clothes and are reportedly said to have headed northbound after robbing the Apple Store. Two iPhones that were stolen from the London store have been recovered and the authorities are still carrying out investigations on the robbery.

The robbery at the London Apple Store marks the second time this month that the company’s products have been targeted by robbers. Robbers managed to steal Apple products worth £280,000 from a delivery van in San Francisco. Despite the robberies, a lot of people are still getting their hands on Apple products particularly the iPhone X through the correct means.

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