After Missing Deadline Apple To Pay $25K In Daily Fines

A fine of $25,000 is being levied on Apple per day after missing a deadline imposed by a court requiring the tech giant to adduce evidence in a lawsuit in which the iPhone maker alleged that Qualcomm had imposed unfair licensing terms. The fine will be retroactive starting December 16 and will be in effect until December 29. The fine could be increased if Apple won’t have produced a total of 1.3 million documents which the order that was issued in October covers. The Cupertino, California-based tech giant has said that it will appeal the ruling.

“We have already produced millions of documents for this case and are working hard to deliver the millions more which have been requested in an unprecedented timeframe,” Apple said in a statement.

FTC lawsuit

Though Apple doesn’t have any direct involvement in the lawsuit FTC has filed against Qualcomm, there has been cooperation between the iPhone maker and the U.S. government with regards to the investigation. The documents that Qualcomm is seeking are ostensibly to prove that the allegations by the FTC are wrong.

As soon as a complaint had been lodged by the FTC against Qualcomm, Apple also sued the chipmaker in another lawsuit. In its lawsuit, Apple accused the chipmaker of abusing market dominance to demand royalties from innovations in the iPhone which are not related to Qualcomm’s technology. The San Diego, California-based chipmaker has refuted the allegations and countersued.

Lackluster iPhone X demand

The fines imposed on Apple for missing a deadline imposed by a court comes in the wake of analysts lowering their shipment projections for the iPhone X for next year’s Q1 following signs that the device will experience lackluster demand as the holiday season nears its end.

According to Zhang Bin, an analyst at Sinolink Securities, the number of handsets that will be shipped in the period could be around 35 million which would be about ten million less than Bin had previously estimated. Bin attributed the lackluster demand to the high price of the iPhone X. JL Warren Capital on the other hand has projected that only around 25 million units will be shipped in 2018’s Q1 compared to 30 million units that were shipped in this year’s Q4.

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