There Is A Major Likelihood Apple Might Soon Acquire Netflix

There is a major likelihood that Apple might be considering purchasing Netflix and what is causing a lot of people to buy the idea is the passing of the US President Trump’s corporate tax cut as was revealed by Citi analysts Asiya Merchant and Jim Suva.

The one-time allowance for companies to repatriate cash stored overseas without having to come head on with a major tax hit as well as the cut in corporate taxes are expected to serve Apple with a significant warchest to move ahead and purchase new companies.

At this point in time Apple takes great pride in the fact that it has about $US252 billion in cash and that is in its wide array of foreign jurisdictions. It has made as series efforts to move them back to the U.S but it has proved to be an exercise of futility.

Suva and Merchant were the ones that came up with the rakings and they disclosed that Netflix was one of the top companies that Apple would most probably be interested in.

That particular note was drafted way back before Disney proceeded to buy Fox’s TV assets and studio. Over the years, Apple has been striving towards delivering compelling movie and TV offerings. iTunes turned out to be a major hit for the company. However, most of the viewers have been witnessed migrating to services such as Hulu, Amazon and Netflix and that has been in a bid to watch their favorite shows.

It was a short time ago that Apple proceeded to dip its toe into content creation. Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston were projected to be among the first of Apple’s scripted video series. However, it is crucial to come out clearly in distinguishing the manufacture of iPhones from the coming up with hit movies. It goes without saying that indeed there is much logic to move ahead and believe that indeed Apple might be eying owning Netflix in the nearby future. Apple has been a rather vibrant company over the years, but the best part of it has always been the way it faces up to challenges.

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