iTunes vs. iCloud

Learn the difference between iTunes and iCloud from our Apple Certified Trainer Hurricane.

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  • Mary Ellen

    How can one determine which account ID is used for which? There must be some place in the settings/preferences where each account is identified, right?

    • Mary Ellen,
      That is a great question.
      On your Mac, you can click on the Apple and pin the 3rd brick down the 1st icon is iCloud. If you click on that, the window will open up and the email address under your picture is the email address used to sign into iCloud.
      As for iTunes, open up iTunes on your computer, click on Store and on the right hand side of the screen click on the, “Account” button in the top grouping. If you have an iTunes account, the username will be populated and you will have the option to enter the password.
      Thank for watching and I hope that helps.

  • Terry Wiseman

    This is a great idea and congratulations. Trying to link to it might end up lost…how about a link to one graphic that shows both data on one image. Nice Job!

  • Moeskido

    Maybe display a link to the podcast itself? 😉


    Thanks. ICloud has been confusing to me.

  • Great set me up for future podcasts