iPhone XR VS OnePlus 6T SPEED Test!




Hey guys, I’ve got here the OnePlus 6T and I’d like to compare it to Apple’s iPhone XR in an ultimate speed test comparison showdown, so we’d be doing some real-world testing, some app launching side-by-side, some benchmarks, startup tests you know, the usual. Now both of these phones you wouldn’t consider top-end phones. I mean the oneplus series has always been more affordable than the more expensive models. The iPhone XR is Apple’s cheapest offering from the newest lineup, so I think it makes sense to compare both of them at the same time.

Now before we get into that, I just also like to admire the beauty of the OnePlus 6T. Look at that display -I think they made huge strides in terms of sleekness since the original one plus six. Now comparing the notches alone, you definitely see how the oneplus sixty puts the iPhone XR to shame and it’s understandable. It doesn’t have the same biometric security data but still – just look at it. It definitely looks much better than the original one plus six but also the bottom chin area has been reduced as well. I believe the oneplus 7 should be looking completely bezel-less.

Not only that but this thing has an in-screen fingerprint sensor, so that’s also some really cool technology you’re getting on this phone and here are those internals. You have a choice between six or a gigabytes of RAM on the OnePlus 6T and a processor that’s still lagging behind Apple’s a 12 the snapdragon 845.


As for the official speed test records, the oneplus 6 left a high mark, as you can see only to be beat by the iPhone Tenace max. Let’s see if v1 plus 60 can deliver vengeance and receive its crown back on the top of the speed test records. So with all apps cleared, let’s go ahead and start that real-world test.

And this is where we launch some social media applications at first, just those quick ones in and outs for the launching, some web-based stuff in there as well and both are on par. They’re absolutely breezing through this test.

Next up, a 10k image – exporting that through Photoshop Express and then moving on to some harder games. This is minecraft 2, loading on both and while I’m not using the option to remove animations completely on the oneplus 6 team, that is an option you can actually do from factory to get an even faster speed test time comparison. I’m just doing it how it comes stock on both. Now both are completely evenly matched, it’s kind of amazing here but – round one is just launching, round two is actually seeing which applications will stay open in the background after going through the entire cycle here. As you can see both are now on asphalt and the OnePlus 6T just breezes through it. This is where it pushes ahead of the iPhone already and it’s an application ahead on grand theft auto san andreas.

Now an observation I made while using the iPhone XR just to get an idea of it, is that it’s not as smooth as the iPhone 10s models. For whatever reason I’m getting a little bit of a chop when launching applications, just switching between them, it’s not as fluid as the iPhone the 10s models and I’m not sure why that may be, as they’re running the same processors. Hardly the one additional gigabyte of RAM can’t make that much of a difference, can it on the 10s? But anyways, here you can see the OnePlus 6T has pushed ahead the iPhone XR one, two applications behind. But that’s Snapdragon a 45 is in for a treat right now because the iPhone 10R excels at video export here.


Now I did have to fast forward this part because I’m sure you don’t wanna stay here and watch the video compile but wow the iPhone XR really, really shines and because of how good the Apple a 12 is at 4k exporting, it pushed ahead and finished round 1 with 2 minutes and 22 seconds. That’s just a little shy of the iPhone 10S’s record at 2 minutes and 10 seconds. So I’m very, very proud of this thing doing very good and as for round 2, only the big applications were closed, like san andreas, minecraft, asphalt – all the other small ones were kept alive in the background. So I can definitely tell that there is a difference in iOS 12.1 and how the multitasking is handled.

So the smaller applications stay open for longer. The OnePlus 6T, I could say the same thing. Even though I did have a gigabytes of RAM it didn’t really feel like it. The larger applications – zynga, poker, grand theft auto – all needed to be reloaded. Only these smaller web-based things were still open in the backgrounds. So it finished with a round 2 time of a minute and 14 seconds.

Ok, so what a test! I’m actually very surprised how close these came to each other in terms of the times. The iPhone XR didn’t do as bad as I thought. In fact it seemed to be on par, the multitasking with the 4 gigabyte iPhone 10S models even.

So let’s go ahead and delve deeper here into more precise testing starting with the start-up test. So I’m gonna shut both of these off and this is Android 9 on the left and iOS 12 point one point one on the right. So let’s go ahead and turn both off and start them up at the same time. In three, two, one – and launching both of them at the same time here. So the oneplus 60 in my opinion, the best device they have ever released, aside from the headphone jack, honestly love level of where this company is going and the seven should actually be even more futuristic looking than Apple’s. Oxygen OS is running, starting but apples did start up just a few seconds faster here but very, very close both of them. So for two hundred dollars or less, the OnePlus 6T, it is so close in performance that you can see it’s much better value already.


Let’s go ahead and launch some apps with all of the apps closed in the app switcher, side-by-side, get a more precise test here. Now do keep in mind that you can turn off animations entirely on the 1 plus. So the drawn-out animation which there isn’t really much on the 1 plus can be reduced altogether. That’s Instagram did load faster, considerably faster. Camera: a little bit slower there and maps – did load faster on the oneplus. Those are some crazy load times there. Photoshop Express – this is pretty decently big application and asphalt – so there’s a little hesitation before launching the game but that doesn’t necessarily mean it loads slower. On the iPhone it did load faster here, in this case. Anyways, Netflix – and this web based app loaded faster on the oneplus must rising a poker – again that hesitation right there and these apps may not fully be optimized just yet. Loaded faster on the iPhone here. Spotify – faster on the oneplus. Seems like the web-based apps load on this phone faster. Amazon – once again faster on the Android. SoundCloud – once again faster on one Plus and YouTube – faster on one plus. Interesting! So the heavier stuff seems to load faster on the iPhone. The light web based applications faster on the oneplus series.

All right, let’s load some webpages and Apple.com – about the same actually. Oneplus homepage – faster on one plus there. So that’s the speed of the individual applications. Let’s go ahead and get a Geekbench score cooking here on both. Considerable difference in the processors and the RAM so I’m not sure what to expect but should be pretty in line the oneplus with most snapdragon 845 benchmark scores. So while a formidable score for an Android phone, it still falls short of Apple’s iPhone XR. Pretty much the same exact score as the iPhone 10s models. The RAM doesn’t play much of a part here in terms of the score. It’s almost forty eight hundred on a single and over eleven thousand on the multi-core score and that is ridiculously good. Here almost nine thousand multi and a very paltry 2300 single core score with eight gigabytes of RAM.

Let’s move on to the Antutu. Let’s see with the graphical performance included and what kind of scores we get here. Much closer than I thought – two hundred ninety-three thousand seven hundred verses three hundred and twenty thousand here. Getting into the specifics, let’s see that the GPU on this excels here, otherwise very, very similar CPUs ahead too though.


These phones are very, very close together in almost every single way. Last one I want to test out is the Wi-Fi performance on a gigabit router. It looks like the oneplus 2 just slightly outdid the iPhone XR with a 591 megabit download speed versus 545. So in almost every single way, they are very, very similar so far. I’m liking what I’m seeing. Two hundred dollars less on the oneplus aside.

Let’s move on to some biometrics, see how the in screen fingerprint sensor compares to face ID in terms of speed. So on the left is the fingerprint unlock with the oneplus, on the right face ID. Let’s see how these compare. So it seems faster on the XR. Let’s try that again. It definitely is faster. The in-screen fingerprint sensor is not as fast as the external ones were. Those are pretty much instant. So you do have a little bit of a delay. Let’s try face unlock on both here. Way faster on the one plus because it’s not using the same biometric data, the dot projector or whatnot. It’s just using the camera. So let’s try that again – way faster – so this face ID is faster than the in-screen fingerprint sensor but the face on lock here is less secure but faster.

So there it is, the iPhone XR versus the OnePlus 6T. Gotta say I love what oneplus has done with this latest phone. It’s fast-running latest version of Android. I love the display and the knotch, seriously this is a winner. At $549 dollars starting price, this thing is seriously hard to compete with, with the iPhone XR. While this thing is still faster, is it $200 worth faster? That’s for you to decide. If you want to get a gigabyte version you’re gonna have to pay a little bit more for the 256 gigabyte OnePlus 6T but overall a fantastic value.


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