How to use iOS 13’s Audio Sharing: New Features

In iOS 13, you will be able to share songs and watch movies with your friends, with all you are using your own AirPods. The new feature is named Audio Sharing, and it allows you to immediately — and temporarily — set the second set of AirPods to your iPhone or iPad. It is like the old school method of using a headphone splitter to plug two sets of headphones into a jack socket, just far more expensive and elaborate.

Audio sharing ensures you can enjoy the music with each other, see a movie on an iPad onto a plane without disturbing others, and much more.

Audio sharing utilizes a blend of Apple magic and attributes of the Bluetooth spec. Apple’s unique sauce empowers users to begin sharing their music just by bringing their headphones near another individual’s phone. You can also manually set the sound sources in the Control Center Music panel.

Here is the way to use it.

1: Personal hardware cloud
Apple is operating at large level in regard to integrating its hardware products jointly. AirPods are one example. You simply open a new set of AirPods close to your iPhone, and they automatically link. Once done, they are then available to any of your other devices, as a result of iCloud sync.

2: Automatic Setup
Another fantastic example is the Automatic Setup. When you purchase a new iPhone, you’ll have it talk to your vendor to get your iCloud details, and even your Wi-Fi accessibility key, to know installation effortless

3: Sharing Wifi
And there’s more. Sharing your home Wi-Fi with a buddy, with no password; AirDrop. The list continues. And now it includes sharing your AirPlay music with a buddy.

How does Audio sharing work?
Audio Sharing may operate in one of two manners. The first would be to pair two collections of AirPods along with your iOS 13. Then you can send the same audio stream out to both, as possible with any AirPlay 2. This is the way to go if your friend is using an iPhone/iPad running iOS 12 or earlier.

Audio Sharing in iOS 13: Twist the Devices and headphones

Audio Sharing is an excellent feature. It’s possible to share music for a little as we saw above, watch a picture in dual privacy, with no annoying wires.

But Audio Sharing does not work with all devices or most of Apple’s wireless headphones. You can use some AirPods (first and second generations). However, the only formally compatible Beats headphones would be the PowerBeats Pro.

The feature may also be compatible with some newer third-party Bluetooth earbuds. In addition to headphone compatibility, audio sharing only works with pick iOS devices. It works with comparatively new iPhones and iPads:

• iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus,
• iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR
• iPad miniature (5th generation)
• iPod touch (7th generation)

Obviously, all your hardware needs to be updated to iOS 13 applications as well. Both people need to be utilizing supported headphones, and the audio sender needs to be you.

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