Gross Margin Associated With iPhone X Said To Be Higher Than That Of iPhone 8

The higher price point of the iPhone X has shifted great attention to it. This is no doubt the most expensive iPhone that Apple has ever sold out since its establishment. It goes at a price of $1,149 for 256GB and $999 for 64GB.One of the trusted research firms, TechInsights has moved ahead to look at the various iPhone X parts that might have been responsible for the higher price.

The entry-level iPhone X was a costly affair since Apple attests that it channeled about $357.50 to come up with it. The company at the moment sales it at $999 and that means that it is selling it at a gross margin of about 64 percent. That particular number is a little bit higher in relation to what the iPhone 8 went for. It specifically sold out for $699 at a gross margin of 59 percent and it is easy to tell that Apple is making tremendous steps forward.

It is possible to breakdown the iPhone X part-by-part and for that matter the new 5.8-inch OLED display happens to be the most expensive part of the device. It is a piece that cost the company about $65.50, compared to $36 for the 4.7-inch LCD display associated with the iPhone 8. As many would have expected, that was largely as a result of the OLED technology employed in the iPhone X’s panel.

The stainless steel chassis is also a major representative of a decent segment of iPhone X cost. In this particular case one is eyeing about $36 for the stainless steel design of the device versus $21.50 for the iPhone 8 aluminum housing.

Tim Cook has proceeded to make his comments in relation to the iPhone X’s higher price point. He defended the company asserting that it was charging for the value it was providing consumers contrary to what many thought. Quite a large number of people held on to the misconception that Apple had been making efforts to squeeze every last cent out of the device.

The company’s spokesperson opined, “And iPhone X has a lot of great new technologies in there that are leading the industry, and it is a fabulous product and we can’t wait for people to start getting it in their hands.”

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