How The Google Pixel Buds Fair In Comparison With Apple’s AirPods

When Google launched the second generation of its Pixel flagship handset line, it also debuted the Pixel Buds to compete with Apple’s AirPods which have been in the market for a year now.

Google’s launch event which took place in early October featured the launch of various devices including the Google Pixel 2, the Pixel 2 XL, The Google Home speakers and more interestingly, the Pixel Buds. The software and tech decided to take a jab at Apple’s AirPods but with the introduction of the Pixel Puds, a pair of wireless headphones which has some features that are similar to those of the AirPods.

The Pixel Buds have tap and touch gestures are handy for music playback control and activating the Google Assistant. However, it has its drawbacks such as the lack of gestures for switching tasks and pairing with another device is not exactly easy. The Pixel Buds have to be placed back into their case when attempting to pair with another device and the user has to press the pair button. The AirPods, on the other hand, can be paired seamlessly from one iPhone to another. This is courtesy of the built-in W1 chip and they also have music playback capabilities.

The AirPods also have their disadvantages such as the lack of volume control which means they have to be paired with a Siri-powered device in order to exploit such a feature. As far as pricing is concerned, they both cost around $159. They are also significantly different in terms of design with the AirPods sporting no wires at all while the Pixel Buds are tied together with a cord that is ideal for those situations especially where users are working out or jogging.

The similarities and differences between the two sets of devices thus mean that it is hard to determine the ideal one. The final decision thus goes down to the user preference as well as the whether the user is A Pixel or iPhone fan. However, a lot of reviewers have thrown shade on the Pixel when doing products reviews that compare the Pixel Buds with the AirPods.

“Google’s Pixel Buds Aren’t Even Close to Being Good” wrote Gizmodo.

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