Google One-ups Apple In The Education Sector In The U.S

Google and Apple have been locked in a supremacy battle for the longest time but Alphabet has strategically been taking the lead in U.S classrooms.

Products from Alphabet’s subsidiary Google have been growing more popular with school children in the U.S. Not only has Google surpassed Apple with Hardware designed for the classroom, it has taken the lead when it comes to software as well. Chrome OS has quickly become the most preferred operating system in many schools and has even surpassed Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows OS in some ways.

“Google’s Chrome OS continues to gain overall market share in US classrooms at the expense of iOS,”pointed out a recent report.

Google maintains strong lead in mobile

Google has been employing its strategy for the past 10 years and targeting the classroom is quite a smart idea. This is because it means targeting its audience while they are still young and growing with them. This seems to be working for the company and especially thanks to its mobile technology. The firm has been working on modernizing the classroom by promising personal learning through tailor-made lesson plans for every child.

More tech companies are now following the same route but the fact that Google had an early start gives it a more competitive edge. Google’s Chrome OS hosts an educative gaming platform called Kahoot!, which is used by more than 50 million students every month. Its latest report includes the responses of roughly 580 teachers in the U.S., mainly public school teachers. They responded to questions about technology in their classrooms. The platform also collected data from the devices used by teachers as well as those used by the students.

Apple dominated mobile usage thanks to iOS but Chrome OS took the overall win for desktops. According to the statistics, Mac OS commanded just 11 percent while Chrome OS took the bigger piece of the pie with 58 percent market share. Windows also had a significant share with 31 percent. Chromebook usage in classrooms also outshined that of iPads by a huge margin.

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