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  • – Free shipping on orders over $99 (to the 48 states)
  • – No Sales Tax – EVER (you gotta love Oregon)
  • – A liberal 10-day return policy
  • – The best warranty in the business on pre-owned Macs
  • – Personalized attention on every order, whether placed over the phone or on-line
  • – Free technical support (from English-speaking Mac experts) – just Ask Max
  • – Friendly Mac consultants that know their stuff and love their jobs… and you!
  • – The widest selection of Mac models possible – everything from used Macs, Special Value Macs and all the newest Mac computers.
  • – The friendliest people you’ll ever work with (you gotta love Oregon for that too!)
  • – We have an attitude. Some people may think all companies are supposed to act all serious and stuffy, but we think life’s too short for that. If you want stuffy, there are plenty of places to get that. If you want some friendly ‘tude to break up the serious monotony out there, PowerMax is the place for you! And if you want a sample of our unconventionality, read about our philosophy.