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Fraud Prevention

You may have been directed to this portion of our site because you expressed concern about some of the processes we’ve employed to prevent fraud. Whether that’s the case, or you’re just wandering through our site to get a better handle as to what we’re all about, we hope you take the time to read the following, because we think it’s important… not just for PowerMax and our customers, but for honest people all around the world.

It’s not being melodramatic to say that there is a large-scale war being waged in today’s marketplaces. If you own a retail store or provide products via e-commerce, you’re likely already familiar with fraudulent purchase attempts by those using stolen or made-up credit card identities. If you don’t, trust us, the battle lines have been drawn and the fight is fierce. For example, when data breaches happen with large national companies, we typically see a wave of fraudulent purchase attempts within weeks or months of the breach.

The reasons for the increase in these crimes are many.

It’s one of the more risk-free crimes to commit, and many are attempted by people outside of of the United States where local law enforcement often doesn’t have the resources or interest in mitigating the problem. Another issue is the lack of concern for the identity theft of others: “As long as my identity is safe, it’s someone else’s problem.”

Wrong! Crime is everyone’s problem. When criminals, gangs and terrorist groups get funding from any enterprise, it will affect you. Either directly or indirectly, it will affect you.

One of the tools we use to confirm your identity involves a series of questions supplied to us by a security company that specializes in anti-fraud. They scour public record databases and put together questions that are generally only going to be known by the person involved. None of the information is secret, none of it is anything anyone can do anything nefarious with on its own, but it’s a nice additional check we can run. We don’t know the answers, and we don’t keep the information. But it helps protect both of us and deters crime. A decade ago the need for fraud checks was less understood. Now it’s a necessity.
There are other processes we use that are transparent to the buyer, but we’ve found the above to be very helpful when vetting first-time customers.

We thwart thousands of attempted fraudulent purchases every year and we know that preventing fraudulent purchases can sometimes be an inconvenience for honest people. If we put you through the “wringer” to confirm your identity, thanks for your patience. As always feel free to drop us a line with any comments and suggestions. We continuously work to update and improve our processes, and your suggestions help us do exactly that!

Your privacy

Your privacy is extremely important to us. We realize how important peace of mind is to the web user, and to
that end, we have included this information for your benefit.

We do not track user names, email addresses or other personal information as you browse our site. However, we maintain a log of your IP address to gain an understanding of where our users are coming from, and where they go within our site. We also track which browser you use and the operating system you are running, information that is readily available in any web connection. Your IP address, browser preference, and OS choices are in no way linked to any other personal information.

PowerMax.com makes use of cookies to keep track of what you add to your shopping cart. It is a standard technology used to great extent throughout the e-commerce world. Any information you supply is given to us at your choice, and that information will never be traded, sold, or given away to anyone at any time.

E-commerce transactions on PowerMax.com are done in a secure, encrypted manner, certified by thawte. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to call us at 888-769-7629.

Stolen Apple Product Database

We’re sorry, our database is currently down for maintenance.

Macintosh equipment is stolen daily, and many of those computers end up at online auction sites. Because of this, PowerMax is making our database of stolen equipment available for public searches. Before bidding on a Macintosh online or buying from any unauthorized vendor, please obtain the serial number and check it here. If you buy stolen property you will have to surrender it without compensation. Buying stolen equipment is illegal and encourages further theft. Please report theft of your equipment here.