End The Road For iPod Shuffle And iPod Nano As Apple Pulls The Plug On Iconic Devices

Apple announced on Thursday that the two lowly priced models of the iPod, the iPod Shuffle and the iPod Nano, will be discontinued. The two products are now no longer on the online store of the Cupertino, California-based tech giant and will also be uprooted from the brick and mortar stores as well. The only remaining standalone music player from Apple that will continue to be available is the iPod Touch.

“Today, we are simplifying our iPod lineup with two models of iPod touch now with double the capacity starting at just $199 and we are discontinuing the iPod shuffle and iPod nano,” said Apple in a statement.

iPod Touch storage capacity increased

Though the decade-old iPod Touch which will be the lone survivor has not been updated since 2015, it will now have its storage capacity increased and its price amended accordingly. There will be an iPod Touch with a storage capacity of 32GB and another one with a storage capacity of 128GB.

The two iPod devices were first unveiled 12 years ago and they came four years after the first iPod had been launched in 2001. When they were at the height of their popularity nine years ago, approximately 54.8 million iPods were sold. Sales have, however, been on a downward trend since then and in 2014 there were only 14.3 million units sold. After that Apple stopped reporting absolute numbers.

Smartphone-induced death

When the original iPod Shuffle came out it had storage space of either 1 gigabyte or 512 megabytes and could hold only 240 music tracks. It was also not possible to select songs on the iPod Shuffle and playlists had to be scrolled through randomly. After being launched that same year, the iPod Nano was updated seven times and this included getting a touch screen beginning in 2007.

The waning popularity of Apple’s iconic music players has been attributed primarily to the rise of smartphones which are not only capable of storing and playing music but can also stream music from online services.

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