Chinese Authorities Uncover Network Scammers That Extracted And Sold Data From Apple’s Databases

The world is waking up to some sad news after the announcement by the Chinese authorities that a number of the network of scammers had succeeded in extracting data from Apple databases. These sources have also gone ahead to reveal that the data was sold out to the Chinese black market vendors.

This is not the first time such an incidence is taking place. In fact, almost every year such cases are reported in the various news platforms. A time has come when such practices need to be stopped once and for all.

What raised a lot of eyebrows following the revelation is the fact that some of Apple’s employees co-operated in this activity. They reportedly gathered users’ names, Apple IDs, phone numbers and other data and proceeded to make sales.

A lot of questions are being asked at this point in time. Most of the concerned parties hope that the Chinese authorities will make an official statement to help them understand whether the affected ones were the Chinese Apple users alone or it went beyond that.

The Chinese authorities working out of the southern Zhejiang province have had a difficult time building the case. It is only by building the case properly that it will be possible to make the arrests. The indentified suspects are said to have done this pretty easily considering that they had been working for the top provider for many years .They were knowledgeable about the company’s databases as well as the wide range of tools that bore sensitive customer information.

Some top experts have moved forward terming the sale of data as something usual in China. However, the country is unhappy in regards the move by markets to illegally purchase information. There is a perception that the Apple owners are well-to-do in terms of financial capabilities in opposition to persons with iPhones.

The hackers have therefore been counting on the fact that users of Apple products were the best targets to extort. Other sources report that these hackers prefer such users since they can help them get easy and quick access to more sensitive data stored in the cloud.

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